Miami-Dade Renews contract with GuideK12 for Geovisual Analytics

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Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) has renewed their annual contract with GuideK12after an overwhelmingly successful year using their geovisual analytics solution. This web-based technology allows M-DCPS administrators the ability to instantly explore and analyze district data in real time to improve and streamline district planning.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) turned to GuideK12 to visualize student data on an interactive map, providing them a more effective and efficient, planning and decision making process. GuideK12 aggregates disparate data sets and visualizes the information to allow analysis on a range of needs such as language, economic, academic, building capacity, special services and much more.

Charlene Burks, Administrative Director of the Federal & State Compliance Office at M-DCPS states, “We used GuideK12 this past school year throughout our attendance boundary committee processes. With GuideK12 at our fingertips, it was quick and easy to run various “what if” scenarios and deliver that information immediately to all stakeholders involved. In the past, this could have taken a staff member two days or more to complete, with GuideK12 it took just minutes.” She continues, “The program allowed us to see where we could consolidate programs originally spread across many buildings into one central location, providing the best possible options and services for the children we serve.”

“Boundary planning was the first application that caught our attention because of GuideK12’s ability to immediately show the impact of a boundary plan or change. Since diving deeper in to the tool over the past school year, we have expanded its application to so many more areas across our district. We feel that with GuideK12, we are able to communicate what is happening within M-DCPS both internally as well as to the community as a whole much more clearly and effectively.” states Debbie Karcher, Chief Information Officer Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS).

“It has been a pleasure working side by side with the Miami-Dade team this past year. We could not be more pleased to build on this relationship and continue our work together going forward,” stated Chuck Amos, GuideK12 CEO. “It has been extremely rewarding to watch Ms. Karcher and her team apply GuideK12 to so many important analytic tasks, and even more so seeing results realized since implementing our platform last year.”

“We continually look to provide the best programs based on our students, and the community as a whole. With GuideK12, we can plot interest in magnet programs, determine demand and target new program creation based on the needs and wants of our students and their parents. It has proven to be an invaluable tool in making students aware of the offerings here at M-DCPS and that they no longer need to look outside the district to find a program they want or need, which is a huge help in the planning of our budgets.” Karcher stated.

A webinar from Miami Dade from last fall is on the GuideK12 website for additional information at

For more information about GuideK12, click here.


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