Midwest - Digital Experience Standards: “New Model of Instructional Design and Dictionary Definitions Workshop”


In the first part of our video, LeiLani Cauthen, CEO and Publisher at the Learning Counsel, shares what is going on in the education market, from technology spend to our disappearing students. According to Cauthen, “The big national study shows that we rose in spend across America by about $7.5 billion in a single year, a massive jump. And that was just CARES. Act one, which still is not all the way spent out. And then we got CARES, Act two, which is four times the size of the first one. So, expect even more. This is our prediction. So last year, we spent $16.6 billion in hardware up by $4.5 billion. Major software systems, all that was only up by $900 million. That's just a maturity thing.”

In the next part, Chris McMurray, VP of EduJedi Leadership at the Learning Counsel presents a fresh new look at how we can understand our digital resources to maximize their learning potential. “What we're talking about is how we can use the digital resources that we have available now to provide for more humanity to be built into a design and to start designing learning,” says McMurray. “It's connected to how you design the experience. That's a step in the right direction because as we move up the sophistication scale, we're also moving up the student agency scale or learner agency scale. And that's where we have to exist. We have to live in that, that high agency sort of a world.”

This is for every educator, whether you are a superintendent, a curriculum director, a technology director or a teacher. You’ll see how understanding terms and function can increase the functionality of your technology, and your learners will be the big winners.


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