MobileMind’s modern professional learning hub offers a simple, personalized, and convenient professional learning solution for schools

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MobileMind’s personalized modern professional learning hub engages educators in efficient and differentiated micro-courses, celebrating learning and achievements along the way. Guided, in-app learning is delivered that meets the unique needs of each educator. Certified educators provide coaching and support as educators progress through micro-courses. Finally, district and school leaders appreciate at-a-glance reporting for visibility into learner progress along the way. Some of the key features of the MobileMind platform include:

  • Personalized Learning: MobileMind focuses on differentiating learning experiences by various roles and skill levels, allowing teachers to personalize their Google learning.
  • Efficient Micro-Courses: MobileMind provides ready-to-go, efficient Google micro-courses and learning paths for teachers, leaders, and staff.
  • Hands-on Challenges: Learners engage in relevant, hands-on challenges to demonstrate competency of Google skills.
  • Badging & Gamification: Learners can earn badges along the way to demonstrate competency of a Google skill or set of skills, from beginner level to advanced. You will also be able to view leaderboards as teachers and staff progress!
  • Progress Reporting: Leaders can view learners’ progress on Google courses, badges, and learning paths, as well as compliance reports and access reports for enhanced accountability.


Formats/platforms used:

As a Google certified Professional Development partner, all your Google PD is in one place. Whether it’s Docs, Sheets, Meet, Classroom, or any other G Suite app, MobileMind has you covered. In just a few steps, educators will be learning how to transform classrooms using G Suite and other tools, while leaders will have reporting visibility in order to take actionable steps toward improving teaching and learning in their schools.


Primary website’s URL:


Problem solved:

Today’s learning environment is vastly different than it was twenty years ago. The pace and complexity of mobile and cloud technology require modern learning methods for educators to effectively integrate technology into their classrooms. The technology adoption challenge is evident in our K-12 classrooms, often resulting from a lack of effective professional development (PD). Even if PD is offered to educators, it may, unfortunately, consist of “sit and get,” one-size-fits-all training that fails to address the unique needs of our adult learners.

As a group of former teachers and administrators, the MobileMind team understands the number of training and compliance initiatives that are required throughout a given year. MobileMind’s goal is to simplify the lives of school and district partners through innovative and intuitive technology.


What grades and/or age ranges can use your product?  

MobileMind is perfect for educators of all levels, as well as school district leaders and staff.


Professional development:

MobileMind is a certified Google Professional Development Services Partner. This distinction is earned by meeting and exceeding a rigorous set of standards and maintaining high performance with our schools and districts over the past several years. In addition, MobileMind has achieved Google's Education Specialization after demonstrating a high level of success while serving our educators and leaders.



An important differentiator is the fact that MobileMind’s professional development is aligned to the International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) Standards for Teachers, as well as the SAMR framework for meaningful technology integration.  In addition to the Google and other technology training MobileMind offers, instructional leaders can also leverage the new MobileMind HQ to design learning experiences for teachers and staff.  The incredibly user-friendly HQ interface allows leaders to offer and track curricular PD, compliance training, new teacher onboarding… all in one location.


Lesson time needed:

Since MobileMind offers differentiated learning paths and personalized learning experiences, learners can progress on their own time and at their own pace. However, MobileMind’s micro-courses offer time-conscious learning that considers educators’ busy schedules.  The average micro-course takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, and micro-course videos do not exceed five minutes.


Pricing model:

MobileMind solutions are based on an annual, per user or per district subscription license.  Schools or districts may purchase one or more years based on need.


Additional services:

MobileMind is offered as a Google Chrome extension, and therefor operates within the Google Chrome web browser.  For districts interested in MobileMind for Google, a school or district G Suite for Education or G Suite Enterprise for Education domain is required. 

In addition to MobileMind for Google, our flagship offering, MobileMind has recently launched MobileMind HQ for interested districts.  HQ leverages the innovative features of MobileMind to give educational leaders the power to streamline all training and compliance activities in MobileMind’s professional learning hub.


What makes MobileMind unique?

MobileMind’s personalized modern professional learning hub engages educators in efficient and differentiated micro-courses, celebrating learning and achievements along the way. MobileMind not only offers personalized, in-app learning that meets the unique needs of each educator, but district and school leaders are provided with at-a-glance reporting for visibility into learner progress along the way. Strategic automated and human feedback is provided on learner submissions as they progress through their Google micro-courses.



As a Google certified Professional Development partner, all of Google’s top-of-the-line, user-centric products are utilized, including Docs, Sheets, Meet, Classroom, or any other G Suite app.

  • Google Classroom allows schools to remotely run classes by optimizing the way teachers organize their virtual lessons and communicate with their students.
  • Google Drive is a great collaborative home learning tool because of how straightforward and practical it is for schools.
  • Google Docs provides schools with the means to create new documents, upload existing files and choose from a library of templates to suit your distance learning requirements.
  • Google Slides can be used to create and share presentations as an alternative to PowerPoint.
  • Google Hangouts Meet is a prime tool for teachers to bolster a sense of togetherness while continuing to conduct remote learning by scheduling regular video calls with individuals, small groups and entire classes - whether it’s for a virtual lesson, demonstration, or catch-up.
  • Google Forms help schools to collect data from surveys and quizzes.


Here’s what users are saying:

“MobileMind was a huge motivating factor in pushing me forward as an educational technology leader in my building. The resources provided made me believe in myself and my potential as a building leader. I am eternally grateful for my county's partnership with MobileMind!”

--Jessica Mercado, 3rd Grade TAG, Unity Grove Elementary


“We have utilized MobileMind, virtually and onsite, for 2 school years. With any new project or initiative, there is always a concern about how to train and support staff in order to see a high level of adoption. Before implementing G Suite for Education, we established a relationship with MobileMind and by working collaboratively, designed a training and support plan.”

--April Mayo, Ed.S, Director of Instructional Technology, Clayton County Public Schools


“As a district just moving to Chromebooks, the courses were vital in rolling out the devices to our elementary, middle and high schools. Our goal was to make our educators strong advocates in their buildings to support teachers and encourage more digital learning. The MobileMind training provided our participants with a variety of helpful activities, including as an overview of the entire Google Trainer program. The activities were well balanced, there was no time wasted, and all the participants expressed appreciation for the opportunity, which does not always occur in professional learning. We appreciate the ongoing support from Google and MobileMind. We would love more opportunities to collaborate and learn with MobileMind.”

-- Chris Shearer, Instructional Technologist, Wake County Schools

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