Modern Future-Readiness Program Designed to Prepare K-12 Students for College and Career

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Xello is an online college and career readiness solution for students in K-12. The student-centered program helps learners create their personalized roadmap for future success through self-knowledge, exploration and planning. Through dynamic resources, Xello encourages students to self-reflect on their aspirations and build skills to achieve their goals. Xello includes curriculum and reflective activities to help students build the knowledge and social-emotional skills that employers value, including communication, problem-solving and teamwork.


Formats/platforms are used:

Xello is optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop. Students and educators can login from any supported browser or using single sign-on (SSO).


Primary website URL:


Problem solved:

Designed to put the student at the center of their experience, Xello helps students better understand who they are and the future academic and career options best aligned to their unique interests and skills.

With this knowledge, students are able to engage in meaningful goal setting and planning, while developing the 21st century skills they need to achieve their future goals.

As a  turn-key curriculum, Xello gives administrators, counselors and teachers all of the resources and tools needed to guide students through their journey and to prepare students for the future of work.


Grade and age range:

Xello offers a holistic future readiness solution for students in grades K-12. The platform is separated into three age-appropriate experiences:

  • Xello for Elementary
  • Xello for Middle School
  • Xello for High School


Core or supplemental:

With built-in activities, lessons, and flexible options for customization, Xello can be implemented as core curriculum or as a supplemental program for college and career readiness.




Xello’s future readiness model is aligned with the ASCA Mindsets and Behavior Standards and helps districts meet the CCR standards and mandates across several states.


Lesson time needed:

Xello’s activities and lessons can be completed during advisement hours, in relevant CTE or careers classes, or as take-home assignments. Lesson times vary, but students can expect to spend between 15 – 60 minutes per lesson.


Pricing model(s):

There is a one-time setup fee to implement Xello, and then a per-student subscription fee  for the duration of a contract. For a specific quote, you can contact their team at


Additional services:

Throughout the onboarding process and for the duration of a client’s contract, Xello offers unlimited customer support. Clients are matched with a Success Manager who is dedicated to their account and offers strategic, consultative guidance on how to make the most of out the program.


What makes Xello unique?

As a K-12 future-readiness solution, Xello is the only program that reaches young students at the most crucial time – when they are beginning to define their personalities and develop self-awareness. By engaging K-5 students, Xello helps expose students to career clusters and connects the dots between their individual qualities, schoolwork and career opportunities.

In middle school, Xello gives students the ability to create personalized and shareable online portfolios that display their interests, skills and abilities, and a space to reflect as they gain new experiences. Learners also have access to assessments and career and college profiles that include real-world interviews, providing an authentic glimpse into different options.

Xello for High School takes academic planning and college readiness to the next level, providing end-to-end support to both students and counselors for smoother course selection and college application processes. Students can request transcripts and letters of recommendation, prepare for the ACTs and SATS, and keep track of application dates and deliverables.



With Xello, students gain access to a modern, secure and engaging experience that has been tested with students and educators. Vibrant career, college, and major profiles are written at an age-appropriate grade level, and rich photography and interviews engage students in their exploration.

Xello is professionally translated into English and Spanish in the United States, and meets WCAG 2.0 (Level AA) standards with full keyboard, screen reader, and low vision accessibility to ensure all students are engaged in future readiness.


Here’s what users are saying:

“If there’s a student that wants to know more about themselves, and what they want to do when they leave high school, Xello definitely helps us help them find it. And even when they don’t yet know (especially then) Xello is an indispensable tool for unlocking each student’s natural curiosity and leading them on a path to discovery and a plan for their future.”

-- Dr. Tonni Grant, Coordinator of the Academic Advisement Department, Fort Worth Independent School District

“Xello is bright, colorful and engaging. We definitely get fewer questions like, ‘What does this mean?’ It takes very little explanation to get started. Students can peruse the website, work their way through Matchmaker and tackle it on their own if they want to.”

--Nanette Dribble, School Counselor, Seitz Middle School:

“Apart from knowing that we’re giving the students something better to work with, the biggest benefit for us was the ability to meet the High School and Beyond Plan requirements. With just one piece of software we’ve been able to ensure that we can meet that requirement—because it spans both middle school and high school students.”

--Mike Wilson, wlPartner Coordinator, Wenatchee School District:

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