Monroe School District Adds Advanced Technologies to Transform Classrooms

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District embarking on initiative to drive powerful instruction, support access in equity and reinforce high expectations for greater collaborative learning

The Monroe School District in Washington will outfit more than 360 instructional spaces across the district with Boxlight’s75-inch ProColor™ Series 1 Interactive Multi Touch Flat Panel Displays complete with MimioStudio™ classroom software, MimioView™ document cameras, webcams, PC modules, mounts and the MimioMobile™ app to engage students and support collaborative learning district wide.

The recent purchase was part of a community-approved technology levy designed to transform instructional delivery to meet the current and future needs of teachers and students across the district’s 10 campuses. Supporting Boxlight was reseller partner Advanced Classroom Technologies, which will add complete classroom audio systems to round out the technology acquisition and oversee the district-wide installation.

“We searched for, and found in Boxlight, truly innovative, ahead-of-the-curve technology solutions that will integrate seamlessly and consistently across every instructional space in our district,” said Rachelle Butz, executive director of digital learning and infrastructure for Monroe School District. “It was important for us to find the right solutions that would allow us to continue to support powerful instruction, offer equity in access across every classroom, nurture high expectations in student engagement and improve collaborative learning all at one time rather than in piecemeal installations across several years.”

The new Boxlight ultra-high definition (UHD) ProColor flat panel displays’ Touch 360° interactivity features up to 20 single-touch points or 10 dual-touch for gestures giving users the ability to easily work together, driving collaborative learning. Each interactive display includes three free devise connections to the MimioMobile collaboration and assessment app and the award-winning MimioStudio classroom software.

“The software will allow Monroe educators to create interactive lessons, collaborative activities, and perform real-time formative assessment,” added Butz. “And because the district purchased the MimioMobile application, teachers can more readily support group learning and collaboration.

From a seamless integration standpoint, Butz also liked the fact that the MimioStudio software allows for complete integration with other Boxlight products and easily imports files the district’s teachers may have from other whiteboard manufacturers, as well as their previously created PowerPoint, Common File Format (IWB), and video presentations.

“Our education initiative is focused on teaching and learning so this new technology will allow our teachers to create truly engaging and empowering learning environments with increased critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration offered. We are extremely fortunate to have found partners like Boxlight and ACT, who are dedicated to these same goals. They have created technologies specifically designed to enhance student collaboration and powerful instruction.”

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