myON is a complete literacy environment that personalizes the learning experience for pre-K–12 students

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Formats: Web application, mobile application (available for Android, iOS, Kindle Fire & Chromebooks)

What does it help with?

myON’s personalized literacy environment encourages and increases literacy and grade-level reading by providing anytime, anywhere access to a library of more than 10,000 enhanced digital books with multimedia supports, real-time reporting and assessments, and embedded close reading tools.

What demographic or grade and age range?  


Is this core/supplemental/special needs/extra-curricular/professional development or what?

myON users access the award-winning, personalized literacy environment to get more books in the hands of all students.  With over 70% nonfiction, 30% fiction and 10% Spanish titles, all students including 21st-century learners, ELL, gifted, struggling students will have access to thousands of books within their reading levels aligned to Common Core subjects and electives. Access is available online and offline (applications include Android, iOS, Kindle Fire HD & Chrome) for reading during school, in before and after-school programs, and at home. myON also offers a wide variety of professional development sessions—in person and virtual—for educators

What subject or topic does it address?

myON’s digital library offers more than 10,000 books with a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction topics. Embedded assessments align with elements in the Common Core State Standards, and all titles included with myON are aligned to state and national standards. In addition, the platform format also assists students for preparation for online state testing including PARCC and Smarter Balanced.

What lesson time does it use?  

Educators can use myON books for whole-class instruction during lessons, during independent reading time, in a flipped classroom, or as part of a blended learning model. Many district partners use myON to help transition to a digital classroom while extending the learning day beyond the classroom.

myON has also partnered with Hillsborough County Public Schools as well as a host of other communities throughout the US to create a community reading model, which provides access to all children from birth through third grade, both in and outside of school. This model incorporates the school district, local businesses, non-profit organizations and professional sports groups and government officials to encapsulate a community approach to literacy. The community approach provides for unlimited opportunities for reading and writing for all children of the community. Check out for more information on the story in Hillsborough County, Florida.

What is the pricing model?

myON is sold as an annual license that includes the personalized learning platform, a growing collection of digital content from published books, assessments, a literacy toolkit, reports, technical and onboarding services, and unlimited access to the myON professional services portal. Pricing depends on the school implementation plan, and typically is around $20/student ($5,000 to $10,000 per building, depending on number of schools purchasing, and optional add-ons and services).

Additional costs are the following:

  • Professional Development – customized for implementation
  • Additional 3rd Party Publishers – Contingent on publisher package price

Are there services around it?

myON provides support for teachers through the myON customer portal as well as personalized professional development sessions delivered in person or virtually.  Based on implementation, number of schools and educators, the services group develops a program based on the needs of the school to ensure goals of the district are not only met but exceed expectations.

What makes it unique?

myON is the only literacy ecosystem available that creates individual dashboards and book lists for students based on their specific interests and reading abilities, and provides additional opportunities to build comprehension while creating their writing skills to further enhance  a total literacy  experience.

With thousands of enhanced digital books from award-winning publishers, myON creates a unique reading environment that moves high-quality books beyond print. With fiction and nonfiction books in a variety of formats—picture books, graphic novels, chapter books, Spanish and bilingual titles, and titles for struggling and reluctant readers—myON provides content to draw readers in and keep them motivated to read more. And students are able to leverage reading supports—highlighting, naturally recorded audio, embedded dictionary and zoom features – to assist in their reading.

A description of the characteristics—how is it designed for user interface, user experience?  What instructional design principles are at work here?

Upon logging on, each student takes an initial Lexile Placement Exam and Interest Inventory. myON generates a dynamic recommended book list from which students can choose books at their level that interest them. Teachers can create and develop reading and writing projects within myON, share them within their school/district and throughout the myON community. In addition, teachers can assign both reading and writing projects to students during school, over holiday breaks and over the summer. 

myON enables teachers and administrators to track students’ reading activity and growth at the student, class, building, and district level. This tracking provides actionable data on: the number and type of books opened and read; time spent reading; completion of book quizzes; and results of regular benchmark assessments. Regular reports forecast long-term reading growth. As myON expands to include digital literacy tools, the over 6 million students reading on myON will be able to perform close reading tasks within the platform.


End user review:

Joy Tyner

Principal of Northside Elementary in Clinton, MS

At Northside Elementary, a Title I school serving 850 students in second and third grades, the proof truly is in the numbers. myON played a big part in helping us achieve a 100% pass rate—the highest in the Jackson, Mississippi metro area—on the new state-mandated third-grade literacy test administered last year. Scores for all students, including English Language Learners and special education students, were included. Second graders grew 1.4 years in their reading level on average, as measured on the STAR Assessment used districtwide.

I implemented myON in the fall of 2014 to increase the amount of literature we used to address the Common Core State Standards and to support our 1:1 iPad initiative. To help achieve the intertwined goals of reading on grade level and successful implementation of the standards, myON is one of the most important tools for teachers. I see myON as a cost-effective investment that supports reading in and out of school. We use it for whole class instruction, guided reading, and more. myON has become second nature. It has checked off so many issues for us.



For more information, visit myON.

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