myON Launches New Data Reports Allowing Educators to Measure Reading with Reading™

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New reporting, goal-setting, and literacy tools free teachers to spend less time assessing and more time teaching

myON, leading provider of digital literacy solutions, today announced enhanced reporting capabilities to include opportunities for goal-setting, reporting, and text coding (literacy emojis), all aimed at inspiring growth and engagement in student reading.

myON encourages educators to assess student growth using real-time data collected while students read. Teachers are often not provided with student data collected during assessments in a timely manner. This makes personalization difficult for teachers as they are not able to provide student intervention until it’s too late. The real-time data collection gives teachers more time to teach, because they aren’t having to distribute and review assessments to see growth.

“myON is a growth-first platform that puts students in the driver’s seat of their own learning,” said Todd Brekhus, President of myON. “Our new features are designed to inspire students to develop a love for reading and to support their reading goals by providing a personalized pathway to success. It is also important to provide time saving features for educators that allows data to be easily accessed. Additionally, this allows students more time for reading and learning versus testing and assessments.”

myON’s new features include:

Real-time, Actionable Reporting Features: The real-time, actionable data allows teachers time to respond to the data and provide students the necessary guidance to ensure progress is being made. Original reporting features (such as time spent reading, number of books opened and completed, and Lexile® growth) are still available, along with additional reports to measure reading habits, word count, project involvement, news article consumption, and more.

Text Coding - Literacy Emojis: With the embedded Literacy Toolkit, students can now use emojis to mark passages in the text to express their thoughts and feelings. The codes help students remember connections they’ve made to the text, or respond to the text in a personal way. For example, students can place a star on a passage that is important, and a heart to confirm what they thought.

Goal Setting: Administrators and teachers can set goals for up to 14 different data measurements, including average minutes read per week, time spent reading outside of school, Lexile® growth, and more. Goals will be highlighted on the student and teacher dashboards and can be analyzed in myON’s reporting features to ensure students stay on track. This data can also be used to celebrate reading success as students reach their goals. 


About myON

Since launching in 2011, myON has established itself as the fastest-growing digital literacy company for the K-12 education market. More than 7.5 million students have access to myON throughout 49 states and 20 countries worldwide. myON students have access to a personalized Literacy Ecosystem that offers unlimited reading in a curated library of more than 13,000 digital books and daily news articles dynamically matched to each learner’s reading level and interests.


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