National Gathering Call for Speakers

Nov. 15-17, Dallas, Texas

Learning Counsel’s annual national Gathering is “the intellectual’s retreat” of the year in education technology.  As such, our 2019 search for speakers will center on both the event’s theme and finding the best speakers who can bring context or inspiration around the theme.  Please click here to offer any speaker ideas or make any referrals.   


Here is what we are most interested in for keynote or break-out topics in 2019 from the education community (need to be educators and not companies selling in this field, we reserve speaker positions independently for sponsoring vendors):


  • Show-and-Tell on a School or District Software Model Architecture (what they use, the whole mix of things)

  • The Experience Economy and it’s pressure back on schools and learning

  • The Mighty Algorithm in teaching and learning software

  • Splitting the role of teachers and creating a role matrix

  • Animation, Curriculum Craft

  • School and District organizational redesign

  • The Network-effect-- anywhere personalized learning

  • Global collaborative learning

  • Project-based learning and “Staging”

  • School brand and competition

  • Using smartphones in reading programs

  • Who gains from saying screen learning creates zombies

  • Being Apptastic (stories of the difference an app or collection all integrated into a seamless curriculum make in learning)

  • Integration standards as meaningful aid in school tech administration

  • Digitally-enhanced school safety

  • Whole ecosystem mental health

  • Solving Professional Development for All

  • People issues

  • Virtual Reality

  • CTE Labs with Professional-grade Software

  • Administrative and learning workflow


Got other ideas?  Please write to us at




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