New Back to School Supply Program Helps Parents while Giving Back to Schools

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Class Packs creates grade-specific shopping portals to simplify back to school supply purchasing for parents while providing a built-in fundraiser for schools

One of the biggest hassles of the back to school time for parents is school supply shopping. Parents often struggle to find the right supplies at local stores and frequently over-purchase materials teachers don’t require. To make this process easier for parents, Apperson, a long time education company, is partnering with schools to offer Class Packs by Apperson.

When schools sign on with Class Packs by Apperson, the company builds a customized, easy-to-use online portal where parents can shop for products on their school’s supply list. Parents simply log into the portal, choose their child’s list, and check out. Apperson assembles the school supplies and ships the order directly to the school. The school receives a 5 percent rebate on all items ordered through the Class Packs program. In addition, parents can make donations to the school through the portal. To sign up or learn more, visit:

“Parents have enough to worry about without the added hassle of shopping for school supplies. Our goal is to simplify this process in a way that also benefits schools,” said Bill Apperson, chairman of the board of Apperson.  “Class Packs by Apperson is a win-win for schools and parents. It offers parents a way to purchase competitively-priced, brand-name school supplies online while also providing an easy, painless fundraiser for schools through our 5 percent rebate program.” The idea for Class Packs by Apperson was formed out of a conversation between Apperson, the son of the founder, and his daughter, who is an elementary school teacher.

Class Packs by Apperson is unique in several ways:

  • Fundraising – Each participating school receives a 5 percent rebate on all items ordered through Class Packs, and parents can also make additional donations.
  • Flexibility – Class Packs allows parents to pick and choose exactly which items to order and how many. Unlike other school supply programs, parents aren’t required to purchase the entire supply list.
  • Dependability. Apperson has been partnering with schools for more than two decades to offer solutions that help parents, schools, educators and students. Class Packs is just the latest example of this ongoing support.

Apperson works one-on-one with each school to customize its online Class Packs portal. Parents can choose from brand names such as Crayola, Elmer’s and Ticonderoga and can select only the items they want.

Once the order is complete, the customized school supply kits ship directly to the school to distribute to students before classes begin.

“We had a great experience with Class Packs!” said the PTO President at Ebinport Elementary School in Rock Hill, South Carolina. “Not only did we make money for our school, but we offered our parents significant time saving and stress relief and our teachers enjoyed the fact that everything they requested showed up in an organized and consistent way. A major win for any school!”

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