New Help for Virtual Learning: Classroom 2.0

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Teachers finally have a comprehensive guide for optimizing remote instruction

Classroom 2.0 For Teachers is being released for immediate licensing by 2Win! Global.  Educators from all disciplines and across all student age groups can now improve their presence, professionalism, and effectiveness while instructing remotely.

“Now and in the future, we want teachers to feel empowered, inspired, and enthused about teaching in the unfamiliar medium of virtual,” said Bob Riefstahl, founding Partner at 2Win! Global. “We have been providing virtual instruction of soft-skills to the largest, global technology companies in the world. 

We decided to create a comprehensive, self-study course that provided 2Win clients (and now teachers) our secrets to successful virtual instruction,”  said Chad Wilson, Vice-President of Curriculum. 

“Microsoft has deployed 180,000 licenses of this course for their worldwide employees and is seeing immediate improvements in their virtual presence and effectiveness, and we felt that teachers deserved that same success,” said Daniel Conway, President and CEO of 2Win! Global.


Achieving Learning Targets

The course is specifically designed to improve the achievement of learning targets for students. “With virtual instruction, achieving learning targets requires a unique and innovative combination of a teacher’s physical space at home, mastery of the technology, and virtual engagement skills,” stated. Riefstahl. “This course provides K-12 teachers as well as college professors  a comprehensive list of technology and soft-skills needed to drive student engagement and achieve learning targets.” 

A recent article in Forbes explained the connection between business training for Fortune 500 companies and training teachers for virtual instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Riefstahl, “We have found that our same classes taught virtually produce as good a result as in-person classes. We want students to have that same experience."

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Founded in 2001, 2Win! Global is the worldwide leader in training technology companies demo, presentation, client success, and storytelling skills. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to improve the effectiveness of every client engagement. 2Win! Global is headquartered in the United States and operates in over 90 countries worldwide.

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