New Learning Resource for Educators: Humanizing the Education Machine Thinking Guide

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Turn the Ideas in “Humanizing the Education Machine” Book into a Plan of Action for Your Specific School or District

As “back-to-school” season approaches, MeTEOR Education has released a new product offering to help educators take the 2017-18 school year to a whole new level: Humanizing the Education Machine Thinking Guide. This new guide provides insights into why transforming today’s teaching and learning environments is at a tipping point. It also shares the steps educators must take to move today’s education model from the traditions born of the Gutenberg Revolution to the transformations emerging from the current Google revolution.

The Thinking Guide is a companion to the book Humanizing the Education Machine: How to Create Schools That Turn Disengaged Kids Into Inspired Learners, co-authored by Rex Miller, principal and thought leader for the future-focused consultancy and organizational performance firm MindShift, and Bill Latham, CEO of MeTEOR Education. The guide takes ideas from the book and allows readers to personalize them for specific communities, schools, classrooms and individual learning goals.

The Thinking Guide is divided into chapters that correspond with the same parts in the book. The chapters include the following:

  •        A short summary of the corresponding chapter
  •        “Team Tasks” for a small team of four to six educators to complete together
  •        A list of questions educators can answer and practice in their own classrooms, aligned to their own teaching styles and requiring “outside-the-box” thinking to challenge existing mental models

“Our goal is to help readers have conversations with their peers and begin a journey of professional growth and reflection,” said Bill Latham, CEO of MeTEOR Education and co-author Humanizing the Education Machine . “And those conversations will eventually spread from a school-wide initiative to district-wide enterprises. Helping ideas and practices to affect the whole, small teams and individual educators, is how you can begin to truly influence the education machine.”

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