New Report Defines Opportunities for Engineering in K-12 Education

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Report draws from science and STEM leaders across multiple states who participated in Catapult X focus groups conducted at the 2018 NSTA STEM Forum

BEAVERTON, Ore. (September 18, 2018) – With the advent of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), STEM education has seen a renewed focus by both schools and companies.  Yet, according to a new report released by Catapult X, a leading STEM marketing company and founder of STEMREPORTS.COM, not enough has been done to make engineering education accessible for educators and students. The report, “Putting the E in STEM,” is available for free download at

According to Daylene Long, founder of Catapult X, “There is a powerful difference between ad hoc STEM activities and a comprehensive STEM education. STEM educators in our focus group shared that there is an opportunity for quality STEM materials that are customizable, real-world and that make connections between school, community, work and global issues. STEM educators are calling on business and industry partners to make those products, services, and professional learning opportunities for as young as Pre-K-grade 2 and to not overlook students with learning disabilities or those students on the autism spectrum.”

Leading district-level science administrators shared their pain points for implementing engineering education during focus groups conducted at the 2018 NSTA STEM Forum.  This information was condensed into an easy-to-read report offering key takeaways to help companies understand districts’ needs. The report also includes exemplary practices, actionable insights, product shout-outs, and memorable tradeshow giveaways to help product developers and marketers plan future products and marketing activities.

To download the report, visit

About Catapult X

Founded by Daylene Long, an expert STEM education marketer, Catapult X is a marketing and product development company focused exclusively on science and STEM education industry partners —organizations, businesses, and associations. The company offers market intelligence that helps uncover market needs, prioritize product features, predict market trends, increase brand equity, and test and improve advertising. Throughout the lifecycle of a product or service, Catapult X provides data-driven market planning and creative services supported by a network of STEM educator and industry colleagues that is second to none.

Long served as Chief Marketing Officer and Partner at Vernier Software & Technology for 15 years and developed the company’s first marketing department, public relations initiatives, and outreach efforts. She has consulted on projects for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Smithsonian Science Education Center,, and SKT. Long is a member of the National Science Education Leadership Association and an affiliate member of the Council of State Science Supervisors.

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