Northern California - Intro to Identity Infused Education


According to Gavin McKelvey, Chief Marketing Officer at Identity Automation, “The way I think about identity and infused education is, this is really raising the expectations that we have about what the IT infrastructure and processes can do. First, it is freeing up teachers to be human. On top of that, we have a lot of processes that make it really hard to tailor any aspect of the educational process to the individual needs of a student.

“The challenge we all face that is embodied in this phrase of identity infused education is how can we center an IT strategy on the identity of everyone who is in the educational process, not just students and teachers, but even parents and staff to automate processes and tailor all aspects of how school works. When we talk about identity infused education, it's something that can lead to a bigger grander long-term vision, but there's also a roadmap to get there. So, it's not like we have to wait 10 years to realize benefits from this stuff. This is immediate and it's already happening in other industries.”

This is a fascinating look at school technology now and in the future that will ease the burden on teachers and create a pathway to real personalized learning.


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