NY - About New Responsibilities for Leaders - Review the EduJedi Digital Learning Experience Standards


New technology requires a new brand of leadership, and that leadership comes with a whole new set of responsibilities related to that technology. It’s an interesting circle, and from that circle emanates a whole new sphere of opportunities for learners of all ages. In this presentation, you’ll meet Chris McMurray. He’s the Vice President EduJedi Leadership at the Learning Counsel and one of only two individuals to ever hold the level of EduJedi Grandmaster. According to McMurray, “Every now and then, we skip over the critical nature of our leadership and how prepared they are to help move this forward. And that includes teacher leadership, right? It includes leadership at all the levels. My name is Chris McMurry, and I'm part of the EduJedi culture. What we've been working on with the Learning Counsel and in my career as a chief academic officer, and as a teacher in the classroom, really working toward creating that experiential type of a structure and structures that support experience and an experience design. So, I'm going to lead us through a discussion about some background and some context on where we are today and how we may have gotten to this place, and then move to a set of standards and some frameworks that will help us to understand what some of the new responsibilities for leadership are and how we can help to start thinking about that and move forward.

“So, when we're talking about digital literacy, this is really something bigger, right? What we're really talking about is learning experience and being designers of that learning experience and being cognitive,  in terms of developing that, that stuff and where our learners are going and where they're taking themselves, and maybe more importantly, how we're setting those things up. And it's primarily because we have access to a much richer and non-linear set of resources. And those are great building blocks for, for experience. As a, as a teacher or a facilitator of learning, you're really supposed to be planning and designing for learning versus planning for teaching, because that that's a subtle shift, right?

“But it's something that we have to be mindful of as educators and leaders of learning. Um, so I'm going to start with some information that is critical for leaders to know. This is all stuff that teacher leaders need to know. This is stuff that, that your chief academic officer needs to know.”

Don’t miss this “stuff.” Leadership is being redefined as technology changes the nature of Learning and Teaching. In this scenario, everyone wins – especially the learners. But everyone needs to step up. There is a lot to learn, and new responsibilities to go around to everyone. You’ll enjoy every minute of this Chris McMurray presentation. And your learners will benefit for years to come.



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