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Web-based election center is designed to help teachers get students thinking critically about the 2016 presidential election

ThinkCERCA, a leading provider of personalized literacy solutions, today announced the launch of Teach the Election, an online information hub that features everything educators need to get students thinking critically about the 2016 election. The site provides teachers with weekly prompts for helping students debate what the candidates are saying in the news, as well as curated differentiated lessons for educating students about the election issues.

In one convenient location, teachers can also access election resources, tips from fellow teachers, downloadable teaching resources (including graphic organizers for sparking classroom discussion and debate), and an election-focused argumentative writing poster.

“We designed Teach the Election to meet some key challenges educators are facing this year in regards to the election,” said Eileen Murphy Buckley, the founder and CEO of ThinkCERCA. “Teachers all over the country are struggling to find factual, age-appropriate material, and Teach the Election gives them that information in a format that they can use in the classroom right away.”

ThinkCERCA’s lessons focus on critical thinking and argumentation, two powerful skills needed for civic engagement. By reading authentic and appropriately leveled texts about economics, energy policy, criminal justice, immigration, and more, students engage with issues of national and global importance, evaluate the evidence presented, and argue their point of view through writing, discussion, and debate. By learning to make an effective, civil argument, students will be well prepared not just for college and career, but also for civic life.

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