The only wireless screen mirroring and digital signage tool designed for education

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Vivi is the only wireless screen mirroring and digital signage tool designed for education. They help IT help teachers help students with classroom technology that enhances collaboration, control, and creativity.

Vivi exists because they all had that one teacher who changed their life, who went above and beyond to serve as a role model and sage.

They guided discussion, connected with their students on a personal level, were just as engaging and entertaining as they were educational, and they created a dynamic learning environment by constantly involving students. Those teachers are the masters of the social classroom. The social classroom is where Vivi is proud to help IT help teachers help students because we believe the classroom is critical for a student’s ability to reach their potential, and we’re obsessed with creating more controlled, collaborative, and creative spaces with technology.

Personalized learning environments have been proven to deliver better educational outcomes for individuals through increased participation and engagement. To successfully create such an environment requires a fluid, visual dialogue between teacher and student. This is why Vivi exists. Engineered by educators, Vivi is designed to be the invisible backbone of the teacher and student learning conversation, enhancing collaboration, control, and creativity.



Vivi is completely device, display, and content agnostic. It allows you to share any content, in any way, from any device, to any display.


Primary URL:


Problem solved:

Vivi is a visual learning tool that allows classes to flow more smoothly and make teachers more efficient, while creating technology-enhanced ways to better engage students. Without Vivi, teachers are stuck at the front of the room and are lecturing to their audience; with Vivi, teachers are free to move around the room and physically engage students and ensure they are always involved.


Grade/age range:

Vivi is used from day care through university.



Core/supplemental/special needs/extracurricular/or professional development?

Vivi is a tool that enhances student engagement, and the company is obsessed with assisting all educators in ways to better engage their students, whether in a physical or hybrid classroom. The company provides student engagement professional development that provides a unique look at being more collaborative in the classroom.


Lesson time needed:

Vivi is a content delivery product so it requires no lesson time. In fact, Vivi users often say that they save around five minutes per class using Vivi compared with HDMI cables and consumer screen mirroring technologies.


Pricing model?

Vivi is a hardware-enabled SaaS business, so use of Vivi is attained through a subscription model. However, you can purchase several years in advance and own the hardware too.


Additional services needed:

Nothing further is needed to gain the benefits of using Vivi. There are 250,000 students and teachers using Vivi already and few of them received any training. It’s very simple to use and just works every time.


What makes Vivi unique? 

Vivi is the only wireless screen mirroring and digital signage tool designed for education. There are plenty of consumer technologies that have similar basic functionality that are designed for the living room or conference meeting rooms, but there isn’t another product in education designed to meet the needs of educators.



Vivi is designed to be invisible in the classroom. There is a piece of hardware that connects to the display from behind, but otherwise you don’t “see” Vivi, you just “use” Vivi to share content from a device to a display in the most simple way possible.



Here’s what users are saying:

“I love Vivi for the way it has transformed the pedagogy in our classrooms.” 

--Paul Bennett, Assistant Principal Administration & IT, Brigidine College


“The IT team told me Vivi was the best wireless presentation tool they’d ever seen.” 

--Wade Johnson, Pre-sell AV Engineer, Howard Technology Solutions


“For a teacher to walk into a room and connect with no wires, and no worries is the best start to a lesson.”

 --Shaun Ouderkpool, Teacher & Technology Coordinator, Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High Sch


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