An out-of-the-box STEM learning solution built around a fully programmable humanoid robot

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Marty introduces foundation concepts in programming, such as sequencing and the relationship between instructions and operations.  As a physical tool, Marty helps kids see concrete results from abstract concepts – Marty’s reactions correspond directly and instantly to the code sequences built by the programmer, a simple yet very significant reward that engages the learner in a much more profound way. It can be argued that all coding robots can move on command, but no other robot has nine smart motors that can be controlled individually (meaning each ‘limb’ can be manoeuvred independently), a patent-pending walking mechanism, or the ability to show emotion like Marty.

Marty can be up and running within minutes and is easy to use. As well as a suite of complimentary online resources to help teachers plan and deliver lessons, there are guides and activities for teachers to more effectively assess learners’ understanding as they move through the levels, as well as online support via live chat and a help centre. Marty can easily integrate with other areas of learning such as ELA and math, offering cross-curricular opportunities. Lessons follow various national and regional curricula and enable all learners to complete objectives and achieve success criteria.



Marty can be programmed from any PC, Android or iOS device using our app.


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Teacher confidence is one of the biggest barriers to the delivery of STEM education in schools.  Specialist STEM resources are expensive and funding is another big challenge.  Our aim is to try and remove as many of these barriers as possible: Marty packs a lot of tech into a small, affordable unit that can be adopted from kindergarten to high school and beyond. It’s an investment that stacks up. 

Our online Learning Portal contains an expansive and ever-growing range of learning and teaching resources to enable teachers to better deliver STEM education from an early age.

As well as our easy online ‘Quick Start’ guide we offer complimentary teacher training to help teachers become familiar with Marty’s features, functionality and learning resources (see above). We offer onboarding guidance by way of ‘how to’ guides, articles and FAQs in our online Knowledge Base. We also offer live chat and email support, however most users find that getting set up using our online resources is straightforward and intuitive.

For large school-wide purchases, we offer in-person training that is customized to suit the specific school’s needs.


Grade/age range:

Every grade but the sweet spot is K-5


Core or supplemental:

Marty the Robot and the Robotical learning resources address core computer science curricula, that is now offered in over 50% of the states in the US. Teachers use Marty to teach computer science, math and science lessons. In the younger grades, Marty is also used to promote reading, writing, speaking and learning additional languages.

Being a humanoid robot, it’s also been shown that Marty is particularly effective in teaching children on the autistic spectrum (ASD). The humanized appearance generates a higher level of interest and interaction in children with autism and the robot’s rule-based nature puts them at ease. It has also been used successfully in teaching social interaction, such as turn-taking when playing games.

Marty has been great for nurturing struggling students – students perceive Marty to be non-threatening and less judgemental than teachers and are therefore more willing to make mistakes in front of them.

In terms of professional development, Robotical offers 1:1 teacher training with an in-house educational expert to build teachers’ confidence when it comes to teaching coding, robotics and STEM.