Ozobot makes STEAM simple with 2 Ways to Code–connected and screen-free

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Ozobot makes award-winning robots for the next generation of creators. Their bots can be coded two ways: online with OzoBlockly and screen-free with Color Codes. Ozobot’s mission is to inspire young minds to go from consuming technology to creating it.

Formats: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ozobot-evo/id1145978152?mt=8



Website: https://ozobot.com/stem-education

Ozobot helps with:

  • Coding and Computer Science education
  • Integrating STEAM into any subject
  • Development of 21st Century Skills
  • Creativity and problem solving

Grade level:  K-12

Ozobot can be used in classroom curriculum, Maker Spaces, coding and robotics clubs, libraries, and more! It is engaging for all kids and makes STEAM education accessible for all.


Ozobot’s lesson library contains hundreds of standards-aligned lessons and activities. Some standards covered in our lesson library:

  • ISTE
  • NGSS
  • CSTA
  • CCSS
  • and more

Lesson time:

Ozobot has lessons that range from 15-minute activities to multi-day lessons


What is the pricing model?

Educators can start with an Evo Educator Entry Kit ($99), which includes one Evo and training in Ozobot’s 2 Ways to Code. They can then bring coding and STEAM to all of their students with 12 or 18 Evo Classroom Kits ($1200 and $1800, respectively).


Other services:

Ozobot Classroom (coming Fall 2019) is a first-of-its-kind STEAM Learning Management System where 21st Century Skills are made measurable. It will provide:

  • Real-time insights for online and offline student activities
  • Standards-aligned lesson recommendations
  • Digital Badging
  • and more

What makes Ozobot unique?

Ozobot can be coded two ways: completely screen-free with Color Codes, and connected with OzoBlockly (from ozoblockly.com or on the Evo app from a tablet).

Ozobot is unique in its ability to get STEAM into any classroom. We train educators in our 2 Ways to Code so it can easily be incorporated into any subject (just take a look at our lesson library!) Educators find our screen-free Color Codes invaluable for learning coding concepts without ever turning on a device.


Here’s what teachers are saying:

“Ozobot offers us the ability to get coding into every classroom, regardless of the content area, and regardless of the grade level.”

--Amanda Taylor, K-12 Educational Technology Coach, Saddleback Valley Unified School District


“When [students] master coding in OzoBlockly, it becomes easier for them to code other robots and programs through block coding.”

--Estela Gonzalez, Computer Lab Tech & Classified School Employee of the Year


“We model a lot of tech in the classroom to see what works and what doesn't. I can truly say that Ozobots are the most universally appreciated and utilized tool that we have found for teaching robotics, coding, technical literacy, electronics, and mathematics, across all of the grade levels. It is really kind of amazing just how great of a product you have designed.”

--Rhye McLeod, Director of Technology, Central Creativity


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