The PBL Global School is now FREE - to any teacher, anywhere

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The PBL Global School is now FREE - to any teacher, anywhere.

2021 is a critical year for transforming education and not returning to the 'old normal.' That means helping every teacher and school redesign learning around meaningful, authentic, and engaging work that personalizes education and allows young people to tap into their sense of purpose. It also means eliminating any barriers that teachers face to mastering best practices and developing the mindset of a 21st Century, future-ready educator. In short, it's time for high quality PBL professional learning to be made available to all teachers, everywhere, at no charge. And PBL Global is the first to step up.

Join us at Enroll in the Foundations of PBL, a three course bundle of 40+ Experiences that cover every aspect of PBL, plus curated videos, a PBL Toolbox, and a special section in each Experience to 'Grow Your Ecosystem'--all required for a lifelong journey to competency. The Practitioner: Master Project Design Skills, The Facilitator: Be in Tune with Learners, The Changemaker: Reimagine PBL with Passion-Driven and Online Projects. Lifetime access. Mobile. Asynchronous. Nearly 1000 teachers from all over the globe enrolled--and they can talk to one another! Let's make 2021 the year that 21st Century learning turns into a reality.

For 2021, PBL Global is emphasizing Partnering for Change, a comprehensive, personalized coaching and mentoring approach to helping schools transform teaching, implement high quality PBL, and develop the practices, mindset, and infrastructure critical to transformation. The goal? Help schools their systems and beliefs, not just their teachers--and I have a unique perspective on both.

PBL Global has worked with over 400 schools worldwide, coached 6000 teachers, and helped found academies and new schools (including a high school of my own). Plus, the strengths-focused approach to PBL values the whole child and wellbeing that takes a village to implement. It's all gotten easier now, too! Use Virtual Coaching to connect to staff anywhere in the world (We are currently working with schools in Australia and India), and schedule meetings to match your professional learning schedule. Contact to discuss your needs and vision.


About PBL Global

Considered one of the founding fathers of Project Based Learning, Thom Markham is an educator by trade, a positive psychologist by training, and a global entrepreneur dedicated to expanding educator mindsets in service to a positive future. In 2015, Thom founded PBL Global, a world-wide partner-based organization offering online courses and onsite professional learning for a transformative strengths-focused model of project-based learning that integrates high quality project design, student centered growth, and social emotional wellbeing. Thom has worked with over 400 schools and 6000 teachers in 20 countries. Visit or call Thom Markham at 415-413-8135.

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