pivotEd Pairs Trusted Capstone Content with 500 Pre-built Lessons

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The blended learning platform, built for 1:1 settings, incorporates literacy with science and social studies lessons

In time for the new school year, pivotEd, from Capstone, announces the launch of more than 500 pre-built science, social studies, and language arts lessons for students in grades 3–6.

Using Capstone’s award-winning content, pivotEd puts teachers—not technology—in control of lessons incorporating 1:1 devices. With pivotEd, teachers use lessons tied to Capstone content in their current curriculum, saving them hours of time spent preparing lessons.

“By combining Capstone’s collection of high-quality content with 500 pre-built lessons, we’ve successfully created a tool that lets teachers feel in control of their classroom and allows them to easily manage student devices,” said Matt Keller, Capstone’s chief marketing officer. “pivotEd is a trusted tool that saves teachers hours and helps them build cross-curricular lessons to create a collaborative learning environment that both students and teachers love.”

The variety of on-demand, teacher-led lessons empowers educators to control the pace of the class to make sure that no student is falling behind. With pivotEd, teachers can instantly lock, unlock, and deploy interactive lessons to keep students in the moment.

“pivotEd provides a slick solution for 1:1 schools that helps students break out important aspects of text, reflect on what they read using a variety of mediums, and embed visual clues to help the learning process,” said Josh Jackson, a fifth-grade teacher at North Trail Elementary in Farmington, MN. “pivotEd’s combination of digital and print resources gave me a variety of options at my fingertips so I could scaffold the material as I saw fit for my students. It also allowed me to quickly check for understanding through digital means, and follow up with any lingering questions by looking through the archived responses.”

pivotEd’s small-group activities encourage students to work together to accomplish tasks. Using the live response system, students can submit their responses using their devices, giving each an equal voice and an opportunity to engage in the group discussion at a level they are comfortable with. At the same time, teachers are able to monitor student interaction in real time, incorporate students’ answers into the lesson, and provide immediate digital feedback without disrupting instruction.

The wide range of fiction and nonfiction books and ebooks are leveled to fit individual reading levels and support Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, STEM, and state standards.

pivotEd is fully integrated with Google Classroom, and includes professional development resources to help teachers successfully implement effective digital strategies in their classrooms.

To learn more about pivotEd, visit pivotEd.com.

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