Pixton is a web-based comic creation platform designed for classroom use

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Pixton engages students across the curriculum through the magic of comics with an easy-to-use, web-based comic creation platform. Teachers can bring writing assignments to life with a visual component, turn a lab report into a story about science, or ask students to explain a math concept through visuals and narratives. Pixton makes it easy to take advantage of all the academic benefits of comics, including literacy development, creativity, media literacy, improved storytelling skills, learning vocabulary and grammar in context through real-world language, improved student confidence, and the ability to put culture into context. Comics are also great at communicating complex ideas, which is perfect for science and math classrooms!

With curriculum-relevant content packs, themed class photos, a comic builder, and an avatar creation tool that allows your students to see themselves in what they create, everyone can get in on the fun, even if they don’t feel comfortable drawing. With Pixton, it’s easy to put students at the center of their own epic learning journey!



Pixton is web-based and can be used on any Internet-enabled device with a modern web browser.


Primary website URL:



Problem solved:

Pixton is great for boosting student engagement, confidence and critical thinking, plus it is just a lot of fun. It helps to turn any assignment into an opportunity for students to create and share an exciting story about what they’re learning.


Grade/age range:

Pixton is appropriate for students of any age or grade level, but it is particularly effective in grades 3-8.


Core, supplemental or special needs:

Pixton can be used by students in core classes, supplemental subjects, or special needs classrooms, and they can create their own comics based on any content area or topic.


Subjects addressed:

Pixton is aligned to key topics across the curriculum and offers content packs targeted designed to support specific subjects, such as social-emotional learning and English language arts. Aligned to the ISTE standards, Pixton is also a great tool for students to demonstrate learning regardless of subject.


Lesson time needed:

Students can be ready to create their own comics in just a matter of minutes.


Pricing model:

Pixton comes with a limited amount of content that is perpetually free, including full access to the avatar builder and class photo feature. However, most educators or schools choose to purchase all-access subscriptions. Pricing is per educator, with no limit to the number of student accounts.

- All-access subscription: $99/yr or $25/mo
- Individual content pack: $15 (one-time purchase)
- Monthly content pack subscription: $10/mo

Further discounts are available for bulk purchases of the yearly all-access subscription.


What makes Pixton unique?

Pixton allows students to place themselves at the center of their learning journeys and to explain concepts they’re learning using their own words and within a context that is important to them. Students can easily create their own avatars and teachers can create a class photo featuring all their students.



Pixton uses an intuitive, one-click interface based on Google’s Material Design Framework that is so simple students will be creating their own comics within minutes.


Here’s what users are saying:

“Comic books and graphic novels belong in every teacher's toolkit.”

--Gene Luen Yang, Cartoonist and Past Director of Information Services, Bishop O'Dowd High School in Oakland, California.

“Creating comics is an engaging cross-curricular activity that levels the playing field, helps students demonstrate learning, and scaffolds bigger projects in any subject.”

--Susan McLuckie, MPH, MS, Teacher & Director of the Honors Academy, Toby Farms Intermediate School

“Something else to like about Pixton is that you don’t have to download it onto your computer; the entire program is online. All you need is an internet connection. Pixton’s online community is vibrant and thriving. You will find that people post comics regularly for others to view. There are even contests you can enter, and you can create contests for others to submit their works into. The website features a FAQs section and video tutorials in case you need assistance in creating your comic.

--Rebecca Spear, Top10 Reviews

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