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Gale In Context: For Educators is a convenient platform that merges quality, curriculum-aligned content and related lesson plans in an educator-focused user experience. It is fueled by content from the Gale In Context suite of student databases, and includes custom tools to help educators discover,  personalize and share resources quickly and easily with students, and collaborate with colleagues.


Formats/platforms used:

Gale In Context: For Educators is a web-based app that can be used on any computer or tablet. It is integrated with Google Drive, Google Classroom and Microsoft OneDrive, enabling teachers to easily export resources and share them with students on other platforms. Gale In Context: For Educators is also LTI 1.0 certified and may be installed in any similarly certified learning management system (LMS).


Primary website URL:



Problem solved:

Teachers spend hours per week searching for instructional resources to supplement curriculum and support classroom learning. Gale In Context: For Educators reduces this burden by streamlining access to curated and authoritative educational resources from Gale In Context databases, empowering teachers with a single point of access and the technology, tools and resources they need, saving them time and effort while enhancing their classroom curriculum.

Gale In Context: For Educators was created to make it easier for schools and districts to integrate quality digital content into the curriculum that fosters collaboration between the library, classroom and administration, while providing students with more engaging learning materials to promote achievement.



Grade range(s):

The Gale In Context: For Educators platform is designed for educator use, while the digital content the platform leverages may be used with any K-12 students. Teachers working in grades 6-12 will find that most resources are particularly appropriate for their students.


Supplemental uses:

Gale In Context: For Educators provides digital content to support and supplement curriculum in a variety of language arts, social studies and science subjects. It leverages Gale In Context student database content, featuring tools to support ELL students and those with other special learning needs including translation, text-to-speech technology, adjustable text size for increased visibility and optimization for keyboard and assistive technology navigation.



Gale In Context: For Educators leverages resources aligned to state standards as well as Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards and National Council for the Social Studies curriculum standards and C3 framework. Resources support curriculum in language arts, social studies and science subjects for middle school and high school including literature, humanities, biology, physics, chemistry, earth and space sciences, civics and government, economics, U.S. history and world history.


Time needed:

Teachers have the option to collect and curate resources supporting a range of assignments from individual lessons and projects, to longer units or full course curriculum. The platform is flexible to share resources with students for use inside or outside of class time.



Pricing models:

Gale In Context: For Educators is available as an annual subscription for schools and districts, with pricing based on school size and the range of content included. Introductory pricing is available through February 2020.


Additional services:

Gale provides professional development, product training and ongoing account support through a dedicated customer success team.


What makes Gale In Context: For Educators unique?

Gale In Context: For Educators combines the benefits of a convenient platform featuring critical tools, technology and supplemental content, the ease of integration with existing workflow tools and seamless interaction with the student-facing database experience. Compared to other content solutions in the market with a focus on a single curricular area, or technology solutions without content, Gale In Context: For Educators is a broad-based solution that provides content and the technology to use that content across K-12 in a variety of subject areas. Leveraging the expansive, media-rich digital learning resources of Gale In Context, while accelerating workflows for the educator with the technology, tools and instructional support needed to make those resources classroom-ready, Gale offers schools and districts a unique solution for maximizing their investments to enhance student outcomes.



Gale In Context: For Educators offers:



  • An easily navigable, educator-focused user experience to help teachers discover standards-aligned learning resources that support course curriculum, including resources to differentiate instruction for diverse learners, along with exclusive lesson plans and activities to implement in the classroom.


Curation and Personalization

  • A specialized tool set enabling educators to customize and personalize digital resources to promote engagement and enhance student learning.
  • Curation tools enable teachers to collect resources for lesson planning and student assignments.


Workflow Integration

  • A convenient platform integrated with G Suite for Education, Microsoft Office 365 tools, and learning management systems. Teachers can send resources to students, share with colleagues or collaborate with other educators to assemble resources to support student learning – across the school or district.

Gale In Context: For Educators leverages rigorous, relevant, curated content from Gale In Context student databases. Teachers source content from and share customized resources to the student product experience to promotes critical thinking and inquiry across subject areas.


This is what users are saying:

“I’m really excited for [Gale] In Context: For Educators. I saw a way that I could collaborate with my colleagues more efficiently and get resources to students and make it more effective and personalized for their learning.”

--Monica Padgett, teacher at Central York High School in York, Pennsylvania:


 “We’re going to have a ton of awesome opportunities for teachers to connect with their standards and to Gale In Context databases so that they can use that in their classrooms to plan lessons and to effectively build their resources, collaborate with other educators and start using our resources more and more with our students to better prepare them for the 21st century skills that are coming ahead.”

--Laurie Guerra, librarian at Spring Woods Middle School in Houston, Texas:


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