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Lingokids is the playlearning™ app in English for children 2 to 8 years old with over 25 million registered families. The apps’ playlearning™ method enables children to expand their vocabulary, improve their literacy skills, and develop important 21st-century skills in a fun, safe environment. The app invites families to take part in their kids’ playlearning™ journey through exciting play-together activities. Lingokids has more than 600 learning activities and songs. The educational content and games teach an array of topics and everyday language, as well as skills like creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. This is also reinforced by Lingokids fun, unique characters, developed by Guillermo García-Carsí (creator of the famous carton Pocoyó) and his team. Featuring both original and Oxford University Press content, the Lingokids curriculum has been specially crafted by Lingokids Educational Board, experts in early language learning from companies like LeapFrog, Hasbro, Disney, and Nickelodeon.


Formats/platforms used:

Google Play and the App Store


Primary website’s URL:


Problem solved:

Lingokids specializes in early learning and development by offering fun and interactive lessons. Additionally, the platform establishes a dynamic approach to engaging children with learning through fun and play.

The purpose of Lingokids is help kids learn new vocabulary, literacy skills, and important 21st-century skills. One of the best ways for kids to develop and learn is through fun, which is why children often spend so much time playing. Nurturing this state of play means saying yes to instant adventures and unexpected, good ideas. Lingokids encourages children to incorporate play and fun into their every day, as wonderful things like learning happen when we play.


Grade/age range:

Children 2 to 8 years old


Core or supplemental?


The Lingokids Curriculum was developed based on the following:

  • Standard preschool and kindergarten curriculum from around the world
  • Best practices for beginning ESL instruction
  • The Common Core State Standards Initiative (U.S.)
  • Early Learning Standards in key U.S. states
  • Passion-based content topics
  • Proven instructional strategies
  • The Ludic Method (self-directed learning, immersion in content, game-based activities, relevant content, adaptive technology, research-based and evolving instruction)
  • Formative and summative assessment methodology


Features of the Curriculum

  • The curriculum is organized around 60 topics, and each topic focuses on the instruction of five to ten key vocabulary objectives. Throughout the lessons, children also gain exposure to grammatical structures and hundreds of useful support words.
  • The Lingokids methodology is based on self-direction, immersion, and learning through play.
  • The engaging content encourages repetition, essential for comprehension and retention of the learning objectives.


Components of the Lingokids Learning Program

  • Games
  • Songs
  • Videos
  • Audiobooks
  • Interactive writing exercises: letters, numbers, shapes, and words
  • Printable worksheets
  • Recommended family activities, recipes, and extensions
  • Formative and summative assessments



Lesson time needed:

Between 15-30 minutes per day is what we recommend, depending on the children’s/families’ preferences and needs.


Pricing models:

There are two subscription plans parents can choose from:

1). Lingokids Basic: A limited number of activities per day. Free.

Includes limited access to Lingokids content and only 3 activities a day.

2). Lingokids Unlimited: Unlimited activities, progress reports, and offline usage. $14.99/month

Enjoy the full Lingokids app version with 600+ games, songs, and videos, access the Progress Center, download and play offline, and play on all mobile devices.


What makes Lingokids unique?

Lingokids is ahead of its time, as it offers children an opportunity to learn in a simple, empathetic, and safe environment, all while having fun and playing.




A core design principle at Lingokids is Safety, this enables a kid-friendly navigation system giving parents peace of mind that their child is interacting in a 100% safe space where they can play independently without the need for supervision.

The Lingokids interface is designed with Playlearning™ in mind so that children are learning naturally whilst playing with the app. This means we have crafted the experience to be as free-flowing and child-directed as possible. In practice, this means generously sized interactive buttons displaying eye-catching visuals of each of our 600+ activities and simple gestures that allow the child to tap and swipe their way through our content.

Finally, we have another user in mind – the parents. We have a dedicated section in the app for parents with a different user experience and interface tailored to their needs of tracking their child’s progress and connecting to other parents in our community.


Here’s what users are saying:

“There are so many options available in the general field of learning games for kids, and many require recurring fees to utilize them. It’s hard to know which ones will actually be worth the investment. I’ve tried an abundance of them, and this one is by far my 4year old pre-k daughter’s favorite! The quality of their content is amazing. Just try it out for yourself! You have nothing to lose, and it’s honestly worth every penny. Thanks for this app!! My daughter is advanced and hard to maintain her attention. This app does the job swimmingly.”

-- Brittany Castaneda, Lingokids User, US (viaApple Store)

“This app is highly recommended, especially during this pandemic.  My 5 yr old son, whom I’ve had the hardest time getting into school or remote schooling even, has been very difficult as he was supposed to start kindergarten last fall and due to the Covid-19 wasn’t able to go into a school meanwhile. I was also dealing with my 18-month old sister with neurological problems, and this app helped us so much. This app keeps track of what is done correctly and what isn’t, so if I’m not right under him his teachers on the app help him. He learns everyday!”

-- Maria Parks, Lingokids User, US (via Apple Store)

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