A plug-and-play, device-agnostic tool that simplifies content sharing and enhances collaboration

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Panasonic’s PressIT Wireless Presentation System is a plug-and-play device-agnostic tool designed to eliminate the need for cables and make lessons and presentations more efficient by streamlining content sharing. Offering improved flexibility and collaboration, the tool can easily connect to a range of devices and work with a wide source of material, such as social media, video, PowerPoint, etc., allowing it to be used in any scenario where content sharing is required.

Using a tool like PressIT, eliminates working with uncooperative, unreliable and complicated technology creating a smoother process for teachers and students to share content, enhancing presentations and lectures with more productivity and collaboration. The tool allows for simultaneous collaboration, as up to 32 people can connect and up to four presenters can simultaneously display visual and audio content at a time with no network setup, software or driver installation required.

Lastly, PressIT is integrated with keys and buttons that have an anti-microbial coating to help prevent bacteria from sticking and multiplying. It can easily be cleaned with an alcohol-based solution without risking damage, providing easy disinfecting between uses.


Formats/platforms used:

Panasonic’s PressIT Wireless Presentation System can connect to a range of devices easily including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. It works with a range of content sources, such as social media, video and PowerPoint. The device offers two versions with either a set-top-box or cable-less with an SDM receiver.

PressIT’s hardware processing enables image compression and decompression for Full-HD 1080p resolution. Wireless transmission is IEEE802.11ac compliant for dependable, high performance content streaming without interruption. Presentations containing video content are smooth without lag time and choppy buffering.

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Problem solved:

This enables educators to create a no-hassle information sharing system where teachers can present lessons with the click of a button and students can easily present to the class from their personal devices. Group collaboration is also simplified with the ability to have four presenters display visual and audio content at one time.


Age ranges:

Panasonic’s PressIT Wireless Presentation System enhances presentation collaboration and simplifies content sharing for any classroom. Whether student groups are presenting a final project or lecturers are sharing various forms of content for a lesson, students and teachers from middle school all the way to university level can benefit from the tool.



Panasonic’s PressIT Wireless Presentation System is designed to enhance the learning environment with a simplified form of content sharing and collaboration. With support for a range of devices and content, it’s perfectly suited for any subject, from sharing photography in art class to AP Chemistry labs.


Pricing model:

Suggested List Price for the basic unit set is $1,749.00, which includes:

  • the set-top receiver
  • two (2) HDMI/USB Transmitters
  • Transmitter case  


What makes PressIT unique?

Unlike other products on the market, the PressIT Wireless Presentation System offers multi-screen sharing for up to four with a single push button for screen sharing. The technology provides a very smooth image reproduction transmission with almost no delay or lag time, as well as stable and secure security performance.



There is no special software installation necessary for the PressIT Wireless Presentation System. The presenter's device can be switched to display their content onto the screen by simply pressing a button. PressIT takes the guess work out of dealing with uncooperative, unreliable and complicated technology. PressIt reduces downtime and disruptions resulting in more efficient and productive lectures and classroom presentations.

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