Poll Shocker: Almost 40% Favor Firing or Suspending No-Show Teachers

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Poll shocker: Almost 40% favor firing or suspending no-show teachers – By Daniel Wattenberg, JusttheNews.com

Public closely divided on teachers refusing to return to classroom if schools reopened for in-person learning.

Voters are closely split on how to respond to teachers who refuse to return to the classroom if schools are reopened for in-person learning.

In a new Just the Poll with Scott Rasmussen, a combined 39% favored suspending (21%) or firing (18%) no-show teachers, while 45% said they should be "allowed to stay home."

The finding comes as Chicago remains locked in a tense standoff with the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) about how and when to reopen public schools.

The city had ordered teachers for grades K-8 to return to classrooms on Monday to prepare for a return to in-person learning and vowed to lock out no-show teachers from access to their digital, distance-learning tools. 

After the union threatened to strike in retaliation, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and public school chief Janice Jackson blinked on Monday night, allowing teachers to continue providing remote instruction pending further negotiation on terms for a return to classrooms.

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