PowerSchool Extends Its Unified Classroom Ecosystem Through Partnership With Schoology Learning Management System

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PowerSchool, the leading provider of K-12 education technology solutions, today announced that Schoology, a leading provider of learning management systems (LMS), has been named an approved Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and selected as the only external LMS partner in the U.S. to be embedded into PowerSchool's Unified Classroom. 


PowerSchool's Unified Classroom is an industry-first solution that places student success at the center of the classroom by bringing together learning management, formative assessment, standards progress, grading, early warnings, analytics, and collaboration in one easy-to-use platform for teachers, students, and parents. 

While PowerSchool's Unified Classroom contains its own comprehensive unified LMS, it is also designed as a platform to support an ecosystem of best of breed ISV partners to give educators the option to use approved third party tools with the core solution. PowerSchool has chosen Schoology as the only embedded external LMS to showcase the platform integration capabilities and provide additional options to educators. 

"PowerSchool's Unified Classroom is a unique platform that provides comprehensive capabilities for the classroom and is available to the thousands of schools across the world using PowerSchool's Student Information System (SIS) today," said Hardeep Gulati, Chief Executive Officer of PowerSchool. "We are also committed to supporting the broader edtech ecosystem and providing choices for districts to integrate the different tools they may use in their classroom today. The partnership with Schoology extends the benefits of the Unified Classroom to additional districts using both PowerSchool's SIS and Schoology's LMS. The vision and potential of a unified classroom enables education professionals to focus on instruction and student success as opposed to managing technology."

"We have been working with PowerSchool since 2012 and have hundreds of districts successfully leveraging the integration between Schoology and PowerSchool," said Jeremy Friedman, CEO and Co-Founder of Schoology. "This agreement strengthens the existing integration to provide a more embedded experience. We are removing technology roadblocks for districts so they can focus on personalizing the educational experience for every student."

Overall, the purpose of this partnership is to enhance the experience when customers use Schoology's LMS alongside any of the Unified Classroom components. For example, with Schoology's LMS embedded into the Unified Classroom, Schoology LMS customers in PowerSchool SIS districts will be able to take advantage of a more integrated experience with the PowerSchool Unified Classroom Assessment solution.

For PowerSchool customers that already have an integration with a LMS, PowerSchool will continue to maintain its existing integrations as they exist today. For new LMS integrations, PowerSchool is committed to supporting industry leading open standards, such as IMS Global OneRoster, so that other external systems can be integrated in an interoperable manner.

PowerSchool and Schoology customers who want to learn more about the partnership can visit powerschool.com/partners or schoology.com/powerschool.

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