"Pushing Innovation In Spite of a Pandemic"


In this New Leadership Workshop, Kris DeFilippis, Director of Academic Response Team from the Bronx Borough Office at the New York City Department of Education presents a number of proven techniques to reduce teacher burnout and make the entire education ecosystem perform more smoothly. According to DeFilippis, “I think by and large overall feelings are mixed about how technology has helped or hurt over the last few months.

“There are all these different competing demands, and just talking earlier, there are different models and different approaches. And as a teacher, experiencing this, it feels like a thousand different things are coming down on you. Over the last two years and as a school leader, you have similar feelings about just that. And I just know that from conversations with principal friends, what gets in the way when you have all this technology, is beliefs around what students can do, around which students can do what, and a sense of collective efficacy.

“And self-efficacy that, if I use this tool in the right way, and don't make a difference. There's something there that has to be built up, I think, across our education system, next is capacity, and safety. So we to build our capacity in a way that is really effective and useful. And not just to replace what we've done, not just to act as a substitution for what we've done, but really alter what it means to provide education to our students.

“Anytime we increase capacity, I think we have to increase safety. There's an element of psychological safety that you have to have, that it's okay to try things out and potentially fail. In our observations, in our school communities, in our classrooms as we're figuring out the best way to use this accelerated advancement of technology and then finally access and opportunity.”

You’ll enjoy this very reasoned, aver-arching view of technology and how it can benefit our new hybrid models of education. Our teachers are on the front lines, and technology can either be a tremendous help or a further burden. Find out how technology can help ease the burden of your teachers and make learning fun again.


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