The Rachael Ray Show Surprises a Massachusetts Kindergarten Teacher with Lightspeed Technologies’ Donation of Four Redcat Audio Systems

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Heidi Solivan was raising money for the new technology when the show’s producers called her and offered to help

PORTLAND, Oregon – On an episode airing today, The Rachael Ray Show surprised kindergarten teacher Heidi Solivan with a gift of four Redcat audio systems from Lightspeed Technologies, the trusted provider of classroom audio solutions.  

Solivan has been teaching kindergarten for 17 years. Her full-day, full-inclusion classes at Foxborough Regional Charter School (FRCS) in Massachusetts include English language learners, special education students, and students with hearing issues or attention difficulties.

Last year, the school’s speech pathologist bought a Redcat system, which combines a microphone that the teacher wears on a lanyard with a speaker that can go anywhere in the classroom. The system allowed Solivan’s students to hear whatever she said no matter where she was in the room, and her reaction was, “This is awesome. This is the best thing we’ve ever had.” But there was only one Redcat for the whole school, so Solivan only got to use it in her classroom for a week.

With the goal of buying a Redcat for each of the four kindergarten classrooms at FRCS, Solivan started a GoFundMe page. She had raised $775 when she got a call from the producers of The Rachael Ray Show, who said they were interested in helping. The producers contacted Lightspeed Technologies and invited them to participate by making the donation of the Redcats. The Rachel Ray Show taped Solivan both at home and in the classroom, and then told her that she would Skype with the producers.

But Solivan had a surprise in store: During the Skype session, which was actually being recorded, Rachael herself was waiting to speak with her, and, Solivan said, “They knocked on my door and the postman was there with all four Redcats.” 

“We hope this makes your holiday, and that it makes your life as a teacher more fulfilling and that it’s a great gift to you and all of your students,” Ray said to Solivan during the segment.

The four Redcat audio systems from Lightspeed Technologies are “already being put to use in our kindergarten classrooms,” Solivan said. “This is going to allow the students to hear every sound that we’re making, and it will allow us to slow down and be clear. We won’t have to raise our voices to get their attention, because we’ll already have it.” Solivan was deeply grateful to the show and to Lightspeed Technologies because, as she put it, “Every classroom teacher should have this.” 

David Solomon, Lightspeed’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said, “We're honored that teachers like Heidi appreciate our products so much that they go out of their way to bring them into their schools, and we thank The Rachael Ray Show for helping Heidi bring Redcat audio systems to all of her kindergarteners.” 

About Lightspeed Technologies

Established in 1990, Lightspeed Technologies is the trusted provider in classroom audio solutions. Our passion is to improve the listening and learning environment for every child. We believe strengthening the connection between teachers and students is at the heart of learning.

Lightspeed classroom audio systems allow teachers to speak in normal conversational tones while being assured that every child has an equal opportunity to hear all of the instruction. The no-installation Redcat provides clear, low-volume, highly intelligible sound that is evenly distributed throughout the classroom so every child hears every word. The company’s audio system for small group instruction, Redcat, gives teachers the ability to gain insights into small group interactions and learning. The Topcat has become the premier solution for new construction and renovations due to its ease of installation, wireless connectivity, and remarkable audio quality. For more information about Lightspeed classroom audio products, visit


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