Re-Designing Your School For the 21st Century


Lammersville ISD speaks to the Re-Design of Schools

In Nov 2017, the Learning Counsel gathered educators from around the country and brought them together at their National Gathering to learn and share new developments in their schools and districts. Rockstars in the education field were asked to speak to the whole audience and share what they were doing in their area.

One of the educators asked to speak was Ben Fobert, Principal of Mountain House High School in Lammersville Unified School District. Lammersville has created a high school for their children to experience and learn in a true 21st learning environment.

Mr. Fobert had this to say, “We didn’t just do what all the other ‘good’ schools were doing. We looked at the research around what works in schools and what should be working in schools. Then we designed a vision, mission, culture and instructional methodology and everything that the school should be.”

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