Ready-to-use educational coding/robotics system designed to develop STEM and programming skills

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The Mimio MyBot Educational Robotics System is a powerful and innovative robotics package program that enables students from pre-K to high school to develop STEM skills and a passion for programming and robotics. Through innovative robots and a comprehensive software platform, educators receive an out-of-the-box solution, complete with reference guides, tutorials, videos, and other instructional materials, and STEM lessons.

The MyBot system includes robotic building components, the Fusion Controller, and the Mimio MicroCloud. The extensive set of robotics components can be used to create a wide variety of mechanical systems, which students can control using the Fusion Controller––the brain of the Mimio MyBot. The Fusion Controller features a Raspberry Pi 3 processing core and special hardware that supports a wide variety of input/output ports for connecting analog and digital sensors, motors, servos, and other devices. It includes the complete operating and user environments that are launched at system start, and easily controlled through any device with WiFi and a browser. The Mimio MicroCloud is a connectivity hub for the MyBot robots that also stores and delivers curriculum, videos, lessons, and other educational materials to the local classroom community. The MicroCloud establishes a secure wireless network in your learning space where student accounts and files are saved and automatically synced with their selected robot.



The MyBot was developed to work with any system that has a browser.  No software needs to be installed on the student's workstation.  The entire graphical learning environment is built into the MyBot system including programming and development tools and languages, documentation, reference guides and examples, lessons, activities, and other learning materials. The MyBot system works perfectly with high-end Windows and Mac based systems all the way down to Chromebooks and tablet devices.


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Teachers often face common difficulties when introducing robots and coding activities in the classroom. The MyBot system simplifies this introduction in a number of ways. Since internet access or connectivity is not necessary, connection with existing school networks is eliminated thus preventing a cyber-security risk. MyBot does not require any software or apps be installed on school or student devices. This not only eliminates objections to unfamiliar software but minimizes support requirements from the school’s IT Department. Most importantly, MyBot’s simple, inviting, and browser-based user interface speeds the time spent getting the students up, running, and learning in the robotics environment. Fully scalable, MyBot delivers a closed-loop learning solution suitable for a single student or classroom to a campus-wide implementation.


Grade or age ranges:

The Mimio MyBot Educational Robotics System enables students from fifth-twelfth grades to develop STEM skills and a passion for programming and robotics.


Supplemental programs:

Since the MyBot system is fully contained and requires no internet connection or software to be installed on user's computers, it is an excellent solution for supplemental, extracurricular, and even adult education programs.  The Mimio Microcloud instantly creates a robotics environment that links the learners with the resources they need to succeed.  With engaging resources and a system that is intuitive and easy-to-use, students are able to get excited about STEM as they develop important, foundational STEM skills and a passion for coding and robotics.



Mimio MyBot is designed to teach robotics, programming and scientific exploration to students at any level of programming knowledge. The system also helps to build foundational STEM skills that students will carry into their future STEM classes, college majors, and careers.