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Jan. 21, 2019


Learning Counsel’s national tour of Digital Transition Discussions is registering school executives from across the nation already for every city and asking a simple pre-survey question.  The survey asks registrants to indicate the table discussion they would most like to join of these options.  We've ranked the options based on what registrants are saying in all cities so far:

#1 - People Issues & Professional Development    

# 2 - Tech Integration Issues – Making it all Work Together       

# 3 - Systems Leadership – Administrative Design & Workflow             

# 4 - App Selection & App Retirement             

# 5 - Accessibility, Equity, Security, Privacy (the ends-in-a-Y issues) 

# 6 - VR, AR, CTE Labs    

# 7 - Unburdening Teacher Workload in Tech Transition 

# 8 - Leading Social-Emotional Learning             

# 9 - Barriers to Change

Table discussions at the first event of the year in San Antonio, Texas were robust.  With Z-Space there to help lead and show virtual reality discussion, many of the executive educators lined up for a turn to both see VR in action and talk about it with peers.  All tables did a "share out" of what they'd discussed.  

The discussion table on Social-Emotional Leadership featured the maker of Leaps, Dennis Henegar, CEO, The Life Excelerator, Inc.

Dennis Henegar, CEO, The Life Excelerator

See here for a list of all upcoming cities. 





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