Renaissance Star Assessments® Approved as “Student Growth Assessments” by Virginia Department of Education

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Star Assessments support Virginia public school districts by providing valid measures of student growth

Renaissance®, the leader in pre-K–12 learning analytics, announces that the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has approved and added Renaissance Star Reading®, Renaissance Star Math®, and Renaissance Star Early Literacy® to its list of Student Growth Assessments. Star Assessments support Virginia public school districts by delivering valid student growth data to inform teachers’ instruction and evaluation.
Star Assessments provide screening, goal setting, and progress monitoring data which gives educators reliable insight to help lead their students toward mastering Virginia’s Standards of Learning (SOL) in reading and math. These evidence-based assessments also personalize practice to promote student growth and to position students for future success.
“We’re proud to work closely with the VDOE and Virginia public schools to help teachers better determine student growth and mastery of SOL tests,” says Jason Sutch, senior vice president of government affairs at Renaissance. “District leaders and educators who use Star Assessments in Virginia also maximize instructional time by using the immediate, data-driven reports to determine students’ levels and what they are ready to learn next.”
Tania Brown, literacy specialist at Manassas Park City Schools in Manassas Park, Virginia, provides professional development in her district, helping teachers effectively implement Star Reading and Star Early Literacy in the classroom. Tania believes that Star Assessments ease the burdens of data extraction and evaluation, and help teachers at her school guide students toward greater reading growth.
“The learning progressions within Star Reading and Star Early Literacy help our teachers quickly pinpoint what students know, so they can easily determine those students who are on their way to mastering SOL reading skills, and those who need intervention,” says Brown. “Our teachers have experienced tremendous success in terms of improving student outcomes, which has been so rewarding for our educators, as well as for students and their parents.”
The 20-minute computer adaptive assessments deliver actionable, accurate information in the shortest amount of testing time. They also offer learning progressions for reading and math, customized to Virginia’s SOL. Educators throughout Virginia receive a clear articulation of skills for grade and state level, as well as an understanding of where each student is in relation to the standards, based on a scaled score.
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