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What does ESSA Ready provide to K-12 school district leaders?

In early March 2107, Allovue launched ESSA Ready, a website to support K-12 school leaders as they prepare their financial data to comply with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Under ESSA, school districts must now demonstrate greater transparency, including showing per-pupil expenditures by school, based on actual expenses. ESSA Ready features both original content from Allovue’s team and links to external resources.

Who should use ESSA Ready and why?   

This product is for executive leadership, financial managers, and administrators in K-12 school districts.

The new financial regulations in ESSA have created uncertainty for many K-12 administrators. Allovue has done a terrific job in working with school and district leaders to alleviate their concerns around additional financial transparency and to reduce the administrative burden of producing per-pupil expenditure data.

What resources are included?

ESSA Ready features both original content penned by Allovue’s team and links to useful resources.  On the website, there are three sections: “All about ESSA,” “Learn More about ESSA,” and “ESSA Resources.” Within each of these sections are resources for K-12 leaders interested in learning more about the statute and how the financial requirements will affect fiscal reporting. 

Are there services around it?

In the “All about ESSA” section of the website, visitors can view three areas of focus within the statute that affect financial reporting:

  • Data Transparency,
  • Equity, and,
  • Targeted Improvement.

Under each of these headings, visitors can read and download more information about financial access and equity analysis, as well as a framework to evaluate their readiness. Below these themes are recent blog posts about the financial regulations under ESSA.

What makes Allovue’s ESSA Ready unique?

ESSA Ready provides external resources from Chiefs for Change, Education Resource Strategies, USDOE, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, Council for Chief State School Officers, and the Aspen Education and Society Program. Visitors can sign up to attend an ESSA Ready webinar and take an interactive assessment to identify areas of need to prepare finances for ESSA.


“Allovue, with their new site, ESSA Ready, has developed the perfect roadmap to help school districts comply with ESSA financial regulations.”

—Dr. Terry Grier, former Superintendent of Houston ISD

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