Ripple Effects provides customized, trauma-informed, digital preK-12 SEL programs

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Ripple Effects, a leader in the social emotional learning (SEL) space, provides a digital suite of preK-12 equity-driven programs that empower students and staff to develop their full SEL capacities:

  • Bouncy’s Ready to Learn Resilience program (PreK-1) is a character-driven, play-based approach to building resilience and a readiness to learn. The program includes physical and digital elements that incorporate breathing-based self-calming, perseverance and positive-self talk, resulting in major decreases in tantrums, anxiety, roughhousing and disruptive behavior.
  • Ripple Effects for Kids (Grades 2-5) is a flexible, personalized program that incorporates data management and planning tools to assist with data-driven decisions for SEL and behavioral interventions. The program supports tiered intervention to encourage students to explore a range of skill-building topics from executive function to mindset to personal-problem solving, physical and emotional health and decision making.
  • Ripple Effects for Teens (Grades 6-12) provides 400+ lessons that differentiates students’ SEL experiences by allowing them to self-direct content through lesson exploration.  Designated by CASEL as a Promising Program, it helps students, educators, school administrators select an SEL pathway to meet the unique needs  of each student as well as groups of students.


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Ripple Effects’ digital suite of equity-driven SEL programs can be used on any computer or tablet with an Internet connection.


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Ripple Effects’ personalized digital programs and educator tools help preK-12 students address risk factors, mental health, trauma, inequity, behavior issues, SEL skill deficits and everyday challenges.