Safety and Crisis Response Platform to Prepare for and Respond to Emergencies

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CrisisGo builds easy-to-use tools to empower people to take an active role in
keeping themselves and others safe. Tools that shorten the distance between seeing something and doing something about it—because speed is important to safety, prevention, and response.

CrisisGo began by putting emergency plans on mobile devices so people had their emergency plan with them. Their two-way, real-time emergency communication is changing how organizations communicate about daily incidents and emergencies. Alert and panic tools provide sound that breaks through the clutter of day-in and day-out messages, and they are extending the network to include safety experts who can provide content to help people better assess situations and respond more effectively. CrisisGo believes that it is important to focus not only on physical safety but also mental health safety and cyber safety.


The CrisisGo app can run on smartphones and tablets. It is supported by both Android and iOS, as well as Windows PC, MAC, and Chromebook.



What does CrisisGo help with?

School safety, emergency response, crisis communication and rapid response

CrisisGo is dedicated to helping schools provide safer learning environments by using their safety platform. They also want students to have a voice for bully prevention. CrisisGo gives schools a platform to empower students to address bullying and improve the safety culture of their school.

CrisisGo brings all your team's safety communication together, empowering everyone with tools and information to help each other at the time of an emergency.

Grade and age range:  


Pricing model?

Price per school campus

Additional Services:

Implementation, set-up and training

Training platform improves the skills of your safety teams, align safety goals, and close skills gaps in critical areas quickly and efficiently. Through their Train-the-Trainer model, you can utilize innovative training resources to get everyone involved in your safety network.

What makes CrisisGo unique?

CrisisGo gives you the tools needed to be instantly notified of a crisis and maintain communication during and after the situation. All safety features are connected through communication.

CrisisGo is an incident management platform that coordinates alerts, messages and notifications through communication and IoT devices across first responders, safety and security teams, students and staff members and the entire education community.

Here’s what users are saying:

“CrisisGo has totally changed the mindset of a lot of our staff towards that safety mindset. They feel more prepared. They feel like they know how to handle a situation, and they also feel a bit more comfortable knowing that they have that instant communication with their administration and their security team if they need it, so it’s definitely worth the investment."

--Jon Mock, Director of HR and Compliance | School City of Hobart (Indiana)


"Communication has been streamlined, and I love that first responders want to be a part of it."

--Barry Baker, Director of Safety and Security | Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD (Texas)


"The greatest attribute of CrisisGo is the fact that everybody, and I can't stress that enough, from the superintendent to a cook in the kitchen or a groundsman, has the same authority, ability, and knowledge to activate an Alert to save lives."

--Walter J. O’Neill, Jr., School Safety Specialist and Security Manager | Long Branch Public Schools (New Jersey)

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