Safety iPass makes pandemic safety easier and more effective for school communities

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CrisisGo’s Safety iPass offers the most streamlined and secure way for schools to manage the full scope of their COVID-19 safety needs. As the result of our COVID-19 Crowdsourcing & Safety Research Project started in March 2020, Safety iPass provides schools with the technology needed to manage safety protocols and immediately respond to incidents while returning to school in a COVID-19 environment.

Schools use Safety iPass to safely admit students, staff, and visitors into school buildings or school buses by using the pre-certified digital badge to confirm that every person is safe to return. Like a “fast pass” for airports and services, Safety iPass speeds up the ability to confirm stakeholders' safety status and get them into a safe learning environment while monitoring school safety information for data-driven decisions.

With Safety iPass, schools can cover the full spectrum of COVID-19 safety, from pre-screening and entry management to actionable reports, close contact listing, and escalating safety data to local health departments.



Formats/platforms used:

Safety iPass can be used via email as well as through CrisisGo’s app available on mobile devices, tablets, and computers for IoS, Windows, and Chromebook operating systems.


Primary website’s URL:


Problem solved:

Safety iPass allows schools to safely manage pandemic safety protocols and processes for returning to school, whether it’s in-person, remote, or hybrid learning models.


Grade/age range:

Safety iPass can be used for all ages of students, staff, and parents/guardians for K12 education with opportunities for higher education use as well.


Core, supplemental, special needs, or extracurricular?

Safety iPass is available in multiple languages, and the system is a customizable to meet unique safety needs and provide a safe method for managing extracurricular events.



Safety iPass can be mapped and customized to meet the standards and response protocols being used by the organization.


Lesson time needed:

Safety iPass requires minimal (if any) lesson time. Training can be easily completed online or through the app, and informational material and support is available for staff, students, and parents.


Pricing model:

Safety iPass is $6 including Contact Listing, or $4 without Contact Listing per user with no activation or training fees.


Additional services needed?

Though it is not required, clients may choose to get CrisisGo’s full digital safety platform to meet their school safety needs for emergency preparation, response, and recovery.


What makes Safety iPass unique?

Safety iPass allows school districts to manage their pandemic safety by keeping in contact with all stakeholders and having clear safety data to guide decisions.



Safety iPass has been built to be easy for the end user and powerful for the organization using it. Safety iPass allows schools to reach staff and parents/guardians of students with pre-screening emails that can be customized to meet any scheduling needs. Staff and parents do not even have to download an app to participate; however, they may use CrisisGo’s mobile app to streamline the process. School safety administrators can use CrisisGo’s app and online dashboard to manage their district’s COVID-19 safety through Safety iPass. Admins are immediately notified when suspected or positive cases are reported, and the district can use their safety information to determine potential contact points and make data-driven decisions regarding pandemic safety. 


Here's what users are saying:

Bob Diedke, Dean of Students, Norridge School District 80 (IL)

Brian Ladewig, Assistant Superintendent, Harrison Central School District (NY)

Dr. Michael Salvatore, Superintendent, Long Branch Public Schools (NJ)

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