School Survival of the Consumerization of Learning, and Love

Keynote Market Briefing from the New Jersey Innovation Summit 2016

May 20th, 2016 the Learning Counsel, in cooperation with the New Jersey Department of Education, hosted the NJ Education Innovation Summit at Monmouth University. More than 300 educators and leaders in the education space attended to hear from various speakers, including this Keynote from the Learning Counsel that included new market data and a critical perspective of the transformation of education to match what is happening in the software arena. 

In this video LeiLani Cauthen, CEO and Publisher at the Learning Counsel, brings together perspectives of change happening outside the Education sector and what schools need to think about for their future survival.   Her talk includes references to the “Jerk,” the “Age of Experience,” and how demand and values in the future center around Time, not Space, Matter, and Energy like the earlier Ages of Feudalism, Industrialization, and then the Information Age.  She summarizes with an appeal to look for what’s “missing or unapplied” for any technology even if it is analog, including the technology of “love,” which is something she learned is well applied in New Jersey as they also transform digitally. 

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