Self-paced on-line courses to teach mental health literacy

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Pathways to Empower offers self-paced online mental health literacy courses for students, parents and educators.  All the courses are based on a very simple brain model that explains how to build resilience and foster mental health.  Each course consists of short videos, activities and a downloadable workbook designed to help users apply concepts to their own experiences.


Formats/platforms utilized: 



Primary website URL:


Problem solved:

The courses make the brain science of resilience and mental health easy to understand and apply.  Through engaging in the courses, communities have a shared language to talk about how to maintain brain health and support each other.


Age/grade ranges:

K-higher education


Professional development included?

The courses address mental health literacy requirements as well as professional development.



Pathways to Empower is designed to meet legislation requirements for mental health literacy education.


Lesson time needed:

Student courses are 3-hours, educator courses are 90-minutes (as well as a 5-hour more intensive course) and parent courses are 1-hour.


Pricing model(s):

Student courses are $19.99, parent courses are $5, and educator courses are $49.99.  Discounts are available for bulk orders.


Additional services/products needed:

Each course comes with a downloadable workbook designed specifically for the audience.  The student courses include a parent course.


What makes Pathways to Empower unique? 

The product is uniquely able to make brain science easy to understand and apply.  People who take the courses have a much better understanding of why they respond the way that they do and how to make more mindful decisions about how they respond to challenges.



Pathways to Empower utilize the thinkific course platform that works seamlessly across all digital mediums to deliver video and pdf workbook content. Course videos are delivered in bite-size chunks followed by real-world activities and reflections that promote retention and engagement.