Simple wireless screen sharing, made for educators

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DisplayNote’s Montage solution is a wireless screen-sharing tool that's made for the classroom. Whether it's a presentation, document or webpage—Montage makes it easy for teachers and students to share their screen to the main classroom display from any device.

Unlike other screen-sharing solutions, Montage doesn't require hardware, and there are no cables to manage. Plus, there are no network dependencies, meaning anyone can connect and share, regardless of their network.

To share their screen, teachers start a Montage session, where a unique session ID is generated. This ID is then shared with the class, who can join the session from any device via the DisplayNote app or their web browser. The session ID means only those with the ID can share their screen with the class. 

Since students can also share their screens, Montage creates a more dynamic classroom environment where content is both consumed and created by the students. Smart, built-in tools also allow the teacher to add annotations, control their PC from the whiteboard and invite multiple students to share their work. 




Teachers and students can join a screen sharing session via the DisplayNote app or the web app—meaning all devices can connect and share content.  


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Since Montage is wireless, it untethers teachers from the front of the classroom, allowing them to teach from anywhere in the room. This means a teacher can enjoy more mobile instruction, walking about the classroom while controlling what is shared on the main display. This allows them to join the class from the perspective of a student, helping them be more available and connected with students.

Teachers also have peace of mind that whatever classroom they walk into, all they need to do is enter the unique session ID, and they are ready to start their lesson. This reduces setup time for each lesson, reduces connection issues and allows teachers to focus on what's important—teaching.