Sneak Peek Video of the Survey Results

Learning Counsel Staff

LeiLani Cauthen provides a sneak peek of limited data from the Learning Counsel National Digital Curriculum Strategy Survey 2017. Highlights include total instructional resources spend, biggest trends, overall market maturity, top policy initiatives of schools, top ten intentions of school digital transition strategies, percentage of use, top issues preventing adoption of digital resources, what percent of the day digital curriculum resources are typically in use, predominate computer operating systems, percentage of network coverage, top systems in use, types of changed physical spaces, types of professional development in use, and technology growth spots to expect in 2018.

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LeiLani is well versed in the digital content universe, software development, the adoption process, school coverage models, and helping define this century’s real change to teaching and learning. She is the author of the newly released book, The Consumerization of Learning.