Solve Your Top Three Digital Learning Challenges: Access, Engagement, and Rostering


At first blush, ClassLink may look like any other Single Sign-On service. But look deeper, and you’ll see a company that was built from the ground up to give schools what they need to unwrap the complexities of using tech for learning. According to Megan Uotila, VP of Instructional Technology for ClassLink, “Just as all of our customers and all of you were challenged this past year, ClassLink was also challenged, evolving and coming up with creative and innovative ways to better support our customers as they transitioned back and forth between remote learning and really needing to lean in on a platform like ClassLink to provide simplicity and to provide efficiency to their schools and their students and the teachers that they support.

“You need the simplicity of having everything live in one portal, and you really need to maintain this growing bank of digital resources that you're offering. You need easy maintenance for rostering. For those that aren't familiar with who we are, let me just do a quick explanation of ClassLink and what our company does as a whole. What we're most known for is single sign-on and true single sign-on, where you open your device, whatever it may be, and you authenticate one time into that device. And after that initial login with a QR code or with your network credentials, you have an environment that houses everything.”

Total, simple complete access to everything. It’s that easy. ClassLink also helps you judge user engagement. Need to see which students are logging on, and how much time they are spending? ClassLink gives you the analytics you need to really understand student engagement in a hybrid or virtual school model. In this informative Lunch and Learn presentation, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the benefits of ClassLink and find out how you can bring it home to your own school or district today.


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