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According to Dr. Kari Rhame Murphy, Chief Technology Officer at Deer Park ISD, “Now we're going to bring kids into the mix and how many kids are coming, and we don't have that final number. One of our campus technologists said that we're not in a microwave situation, we're in a slow cooker. And so we're not done yet, so let's just cook with it. We're in this transition. We're all experimenters. We're all problem solvers. And so we have to work together. Our teachers were so used to us just providing the next answer for the next step, and now we're figuring it out together. We've gotten to that transition where it's now everybody's issues.”

That’s the spirit of cooperation you’ll find in South Texas. Everyone working together. Small districts. Large districts. Administrators. Teachers.

On September 2nd and 3rd, the Learning Counsel hosted a virtual Digital Transition Discussion event in South Texas. This two-day event, featuring Hybrid Logistics, Secrets of Motivation, & Leading thru New Digital Learning Experience Standards, brought some of the greatest minds in education together to tackle the challenges facing school districts across America. Following are some of the top highlights of that two-day event.

Building The Plane While Flying It: Designing a Hybrid Learning Environment in Times of Uncertainty

The Ft. Sam Houston School in San Antonio, Texas has started the school year completely virtual. But plans are in place to transition to a hybrid environment. Hear from the EdTech team on how they helped teachers prepare for a fully virtual classroom and how they plan to help them transition to a hybrid model. You’ll hear what they did, what they wished they did, and what they hope to do!

Better Not Back to Normal: Robust Hybrid Learning

What does it take to move to total student engagement with rigorous simultaneous remote and in-person learning for all students? Practices and plans are shared how Deer Park ISD is “building this plane as it flies” in this constant changing period.

IT’s a Whole New World - Support Models, Logistic & Learning

Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City learned quickly about checking out devices and supporting student, parents and staff when schools closed in March. Participants are invited to learn with us through our trial, error and lots of grace best practices for logistics and support models for hybrid learning.

The Spring Branch Story – Supporting our New Normal

Preparing for a “new normal” involves an agile approach to teaching, learning, and leading. Members of the Spring Branch ISD Academics team share the work they have done to prepare and facilitate new learning at all levels, and the work they are doing to support all stakeholders as we launch a new school new year that is new “first year” for everyone in the system.

Our Story in the 21st Century – San Antonio ISD

San Antonio ISD has all the complications of a large urban district serving a diverse student population while providing teachers with the systems they need to succeed in a virtual environment. Listen to their story as they put all the pieces together using carefully thought-out technology and stellar professional development to move seamlessly between their virtual and face-to-face plan.

Local Panel of Administrators – Our Digital Transition

What does digital transition mean in the time of COVID-19 and widespread remote learning? Hear how leading experts in Texas are meeting the challenges, removing the burden from teachers, and managing real equity for their learners.

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