StemWerkz: Learning science made easy through gameplay and problem-solving

App of the Week

STEMWerkz provides three modes for learning: Channel, Quests, and STEAMValley. Education Alliance Finland (EAF) stated, “the user can freely explore the content… and learning is highly interactive. There’s plenty of instructions and encouragement to move forward. In order to progress the user is required to acquire and use new information.”

And EAF praised the flexibility in delivery of learning in these three modes, “Children can choose the topics and ways of what and how they want to learn based on their interests – either studying more casually with the STEAMValley game or choosing a topic that they need to practice from Quests or Channel.

“In STEMWerkz Channel, Quests and Valley, the progress is completely individual. The learner can make all the decisions independently and they can act and progress autonomously. This works well for home learning.”

High Educational Quality Aspects of STEMWerkz

  • provides excellent pre-curated, interactive material 
  • supports the individual learning progress of each learner
  • motivates learning and provides a vast range of content on curriculum-based subjects
  • is a great tool for independent, fun learning at home


Formats/platforms used: 

iOS, AndroidOS, and Browser-based


Primary URL:


Problem solved:

STEM learning for grades K-5.  The lack of a scaffold of support for learning STEM in K-5th grades that allows multiple ways for students to drive their own learning.


Age/grade range:

Grades K-5


Core or supplemental?

Core and supplemental, as well as extracurricular needs mainly.  Though it may address special needs since each child can choose interactive content to learn from any grade level, no matter what grade level they are in at school.  They can choose an earlier grade level or later and follow their interests.



NGSS, Singapore Standards and UK Standards - these are applied to the user depending on where they are located in the world.


Lesson time needed: 
As little as a few minutes, if only one learning story is utilized to teach/learn something.


Pricing model: 

Retail pricing is $6.99 per month per child or $69.99 annually per child.  School pricing includes a significant bulk discount when a whole elementary school purchases it for their students and teachers.


Additional services needed:

No additional services are included or needed for STEMWerkz.  Though there are some exciting new products coming that will complement this digital platform.


What makes STEMWerkz unique? 

We provide learning opportunities for students in three different contexts.  Most other products only deliver the learning content in one context.



The UI and UX are focused on simplicity and intuitive design so that the learner and teacher can get what they need easily without too many distractions.  We also have a core pedagogy baked into STEMWerkz that includes an inquiry model and 5E instructional model.  Delaying answering questions and letting the learner reflect on what they think about the idea presented is a part of that.  We also scaffold what is presented in the Quests and STEAM Valley contexts - building core knowledge and then having it applied in a variety of ways.


Here's what users are saying:

“I reviewed several of the STEM Quest activities. I was very impressed with the activities. The investigations could be used by teachers or parents to engage children in scientific inquiry and engineering design. The investigations include feedback on students’ progress and learning. They are well designed and could be used as individual activities or as components of a more complete STEM program.”

--Rodger W. Bybee, STEM Education consultant

“I am delighted with our school’s decision to purchase the STEMWerkz program to enhance our student’s curriculum. The platform is user-friendly and visually engaging for children. Educators have multiple ways of using this system. Our students love engaging with STEMWerkz interactive content. They are eager to practice what they learn and are excited at their success.”

--Pamela Diez, Elementary School teacher in North Carolina

“My son LOVES playing STEAMValley. The game is very well made and as a parent, I am really impressed with the learning content. On one level, he has to solve different Science quests guided by helpful interactive presentations. Then, he has to manage his town, and this teaches him concepts like planning, prioritizing, and problem-solving. It is a fantastic learning resource and a blessing, especially during the school break!”

--Christine, parent of Matthew, a first-grade student


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