STS Education Helping Schools Reopen This Fall with New Device Decontamination Service

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Local company’s use of medical grade decontamination services catching the attention of California schools, agencies and even a Fortune 100 computer maker

Keeping your hardware clean and free of germs is always good practice (and quite satisfying), but it's becoming even more imperative when dealing with the threat of something like coronavirus (COVID-19). STS Education is offering a unique approach to device decontamination with Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging. Several local school systems have already signed up for the solution, approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection agency, as well as a national computer manufacturer selling the service to schools and public agencies nationwide.

When it comes to technology, we use daily, they are breeding grounds for germs and viruses. A 2016 study swabbed everyday technology items and measured the levels of bacteria found on everyday items… even the ones we think would be gross. The data was shocking.

• A computer keyboard contained over 20,000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat

• A mouse had over 45,000 times more bacteria than a toilet handle

A USA Today poll, released on May 26, 2020 found that 1 in 5 teachers say they are unlikely to return if their schools reopen in the fall. Thirty percent (30%) of parents say it’s “very likely” to pursue at-home learning options instead of sending children back to school. “The impact to learning and potential loss of staffing and state aid to school districts could be catastrophic,” said STS Education CEO Marc Netka. “Addressing the safe use of facilities, and especially the devices used by students every day is a major step to helping provide peace of mind to those parents.”

While some companies have introduced options for cleaning devices in the last two months, experts have warned about possible complications. For example, using the wrong cleaning wipes or spray on a computer can damage the display or finish of the device, as confirmed by Windows Central. Cleaning by UV-C is a manual process subject to user error and doesn’t clean the inside of a device. Ozone generators used to kill viruses can damage electrical wiring, as cautioned in a directive from the U.S. Army. UV-C and Ozone generators do not face regulatory oversight by the Environmental Protection Agency.

As a key part of the decontamination solution, STS Education personnel will be subjecting laptops to a hydrogen peroxide fogging for up to three hours, very similar to what is done in hospital rooms today. STS Education Chief Academic Officer Elliott Levine added, “This method of decontaminating items is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration….in fact it’s the same sort of technology being used by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to decontaminate thousands of N-95 masks used in local hospitals.” In addition to fogging, devices will be manually cleaned, inspected and functionally tested. If repairs are needed, STS can provide repair services for devices, ideal for any school, college or local business looking to disinfect and refresh their devices this summer.

In March 2020 the HaloMist chemical used by STS Education was approved by the EPA in the treatment for COVID-19. A full fact sheet can be downloaded at

Districts in California are already signing up for the service with STS Education. HP Inc. is now selling this service to schools, government agencies and corporations nationwide. To learn more about the offering, please visit


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STS Education, founded in 2009, is one of the fastest growing EdTech providers in the U.S., having been named to Inc Fastest 5,000 Growing Companies list for six consecutive years. STS Education has partnered with thousands of K-12 school districts with products and services nationwide, with a specialty in supporting smaller school districts with esports hardware, furniture, and professional development. As a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, STS is one of the largest providers of refurbished hardware to schools nationwide. For more information, visit and follow on social media at @STS_technology.

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