Teacher Metamorphosis

LeiLani Cauthen, Author, The Consumerization of Learning

Here is an excerpt form Chapter 26 of The Consumerization of Learning.

"School administrators who do not want a wholesale insurrection as they move schools towards consumerized learning need to be as inclusive as possible with the ideas in this book. Merely implying that teachers need to change is enough to get you hints of revolution. And it’s not that they need to change – that would not be a proper way to say it. It’s that the world is changing, and they need to develop the skills to be something more. What’s being asked by schools is a metamorphosis into a new being, with new super-powers, including being equipped with knowledge about consumerized learning and what it means for them. What do they get out of it? Ideally, they get the magical ability to provide truly individualized learning automatically and gain back tons of free time, including time to pay attention to all the learners for real."

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