Teacher-parent communication tool that helps students succeed, for free!

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Formats: iOS, Android and web.

Website: Goappletree.com

What does it help with?

Appletree provides a simple platform with a well-designed user interface for teachers to keep parents involved and engaged. Appletree eliminates laborious paper trails and time consuming individual email correspondence, making teachers' lives easier and saves them valuable time and energy. Teachers can quickly and easily send all class updates, individual messages, or 1-touch progress reports; keep an interactive calendar auto-populated by events and assignments; share photos, videos, and documents attachments.

Teachers access Appletree on iOS, Android, or web, and parents choose to receive messages however they prefer: in app, by email or SMS. Teacher and parent are connected seamlessly in support of their student.

Grade level:

The tool is focused on K-6 but teachers at any grade level could use it.


● Post class updates that include photos, videos, or attachments.

● Message parents individually or as a group.

● Send Progress Reports with the touch of a button.

● Create Events and assignments that auto-post to your shared class calendar.

● Request Volunteers for class or events and they’re automatically tracked

● Send Emergency alerts to instantly notify parents in an emergency

● Easily reach parents no matter what platform they prefer: app, web, email, sms

Pricing model:

Free for teachers and parents

What makes the tool unique:

Appletree combines features found otherwise in separate platforms. It is a complete tool that exists to help teacher be better teachers, engage parents and help students succeed in and out of the classroom.

Teacher reviews:

Scott Bedley, 5th Grade Teacher, Plaza Vista Elementary School

"There is tremendous power in being able to communicate with parents in such a quick and precise way. Keeping parents updated regularly is so important but can be very time consuming. I've never seen a easier way to get parents timely information than the progress reports inside the App.”

Liz Hoppe, TK8, Hueneme Elementary School District

“Appletree is easy to navigate and visually engaging. My favorite feature is the easy progress reporting. I know Appletree will have a huge impact on parent engagement and building the student/teacher/parent team!”

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