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Formats: Skooler supports most available formats and is available via website interface, stand-alone app for Windows 10, Android and iOS devices, or via integrated app in Office 365.

Website: https://skooler.com

What does it help with? Skooler helps you simplify daily tasks, communicate and foster collaboration among the staff and in the classroom. Integrating core functions like pedagogical planning, assignment, individual learning planning, grading and assessment with the powerful features in Office 365, Skooler makes every task more efficient – for administrators, teachers and students – and brings the modern, paperless classroom within reach for anyone.

What grade and age range? Kindergarten through 12th grade, however Skooler is used differently for different age groups.

Is this core/supplemental/special needs/extracurricular/professional development or what? Core, but it is important to point out that Skooler pulls in such a vast number of learning and teaching tools inside Office 365 – their central environment for productivity and collaboration. Skooler helps teachers share photos, communicate with parents and work with positive reinforcement inside a secure solution. Skooler allows the School District’s central IT administration to support a secure solution to access curriculum, build plans, build simple and advanced assignments and develop an assessment process of their preference that allows them to be more efficient.

What subject, topic, what standards is it mapped to? Generally, districts choose to map their classes and subjects against State and Common Core, to NGSS and possibly to their own district outcomes and indicators to also support the quality of the work within their Professional Learning Communities.

What is the pricing model? The list price is $8/student per year. We are able to offer even lower prices when circumstances allow it if you go through your local Skooler representative.

Are there services around it?

Tech Support

Each of the Skooler products are backed with technical support through Teams, Skype, phone conferencing, onsite and through other online resources.


Skooler Academy is our premium self-service e-learning portal that helps you get the most from Skooler and Office 365 for Education. The videos and training materials are easy to view on any device. Study at your own pace and come back any time you need a refresher.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we stay ahead on changes to Office 365, helping you take advantage of the latest innovations in Microsoft and Skooler tools. Skooler Academy subscribers get access to our full library of advanced training videos that covers numerous tips and tricks for using Office 365 and Skooler side-by-side.

On-site Training

When first implementing Skooler products in the classroom, most schools select to have a one-day live onboarding training for their teachers and additional training through the Online Professional Development Courses available on Skooler Academy.

What makes Skooler unique?

Skooler is the only solution that currently offers everything needed to plan curriculum, work in the classroom, follow up on outcomes and communicate efficiently with parents and guardians, from within a collaboration and productivity platform – all in Office 365.

A description of the characteristics--how is it designed for user interface, user experience?

Our design has constantly strived to build on the already established design principles of Office 365, whilst ensuring we allow the teachers to meet the students on their level.

Teacher reviews:

Brian Millett – Vancouver – WA

“Skooler is wonderful and is a game changer for our school. It is forcing the standards to be adhered to. It is bringing our parents, teachers and technology together like we have never been able to do before.”

Dave Termunde – Arbor Park – IL

“Coming from a background of various LMS systems both as an admin and teacher, we were looking for something unique. Our goal was to find a system that was specifically designed for a K-12 environment that will provide a single platform for students, parents, and teachers.

The deep integration into Microsoft products was one of the major factors. Many systems can integrate together, but to have it feel like ‘one system’ is critical for our staff. Microsoft Teams will allow our teachers access to all of their websites, resources, and Skooler without leaving the platform.

Skooler has provided the fast, quick, and direct attention that we expect from a software provider.”

Kyle Yount – Seattle – WA

“Thanks so much for teaching us this great app to use with our kids! I truly believe it will help when online testing becomes the norm. My kids are getting so familiar with doing math on the computer that it is becoming second nature to them.”

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