Transitioning to Digital in Colorado

A Winning Combination of Innovation in Education and Instructional Practice

At the Learning Counsel National Gathering in Albuquerque, NM., Mr. Kahle Charles, the Executive Director of Curriculum for St. Vrain Valley School District in Longmont, CO., shared highlights of how their district transitioned to digital curriculum and technology. St. Vrain is pretty typical of any district in the U.S. with 32,000 students who come from some of the most wealthy neighborhoods in Colorado to some of the poorest. Mr. Charles explained that the first step was simply and most basically—the executives and teachers had to change their mindset. He pointed out that to do it right it had to start with the idea that the paradigm had to shift—learning would be being done in a new way. And it wasn’t just so the kids could be learning on shiny new devices. And professional development was integral to everything throughout the process.

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