TutorMe connects students with tutors in more than 300 subjects within seconds

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TutorMe is an online platform that levels the academic playing field by providing quality academic support to all students, regardless of location, time of day, or financial resources. TutorMe’s newly launched Writing Lab also allows students to submit essays or other writing assignments for review. Students receive feedback, usually within an hour of submitting their paper, from an expert tutor who explains valuable writing techniques to improve the submitted paper and any future assignments.

Students are connected with tutors, who are available to help with more than 300 subjects in any grade, from kindergarten to graduate school, within seconds. To ensure those tutors are the very best available, TutorMe pays them as much as 80 percent more than competing services and only selects the top 4 percent of applicants.



TutorMe uses a web-based interface, so it’s available to students anytime, anywhere, and on any device connected to the internet.


Primary Website:



Problem solved:

TutorMe provides students the individual help they need across more than 300 subjects from grade 1 through graduate school.


Grade/age range served:

TutorMe connects tutors with students across all grades and into college.


Core or supplemental?

Covering more than 300 subjects, TutorMe pairs students with tutors for support and practice in both core and supplemental content areas.



TutorMe is not mapped to any particular standards, but can pair students with tutors to support their learning and practice needs across hundreds of subjects, regardless of standards.


Lesson time needed:

TutorMe is intended primarily for use outside the classroom by individual students in accordance with their individual needs.


Pricing model:

True to its equity-driven mission, TutorMe’s primary business model is to charge schools, rather than families, so that cost will never be a barrier for students at partnering institutions to receive the support they need to meet their academic goals.


Other services:

TutorMe offers live chat support, email support, and help articles. Once students and tutors are connected, TutorMe offers a robust suite of teaching and learning tools, including a virtual whiteboard, text editor, audio and video chat, screen sharing, and more. All lessons are archived so that students can review them as needed.


What makes TutorMe unique?

TutorMe is unique in the number of subjects it covers, the quality of its tutors, and the speed at which it connects those tutors to students. Covering more than 300 subjects from kindergarten through graduate school, TutorMe pays the tutors they partner with up to 80% more than competing services, only selects the top 4% of applicants, and connects students to those tutors within seconds.



TutorMe’s interface is designed to allow students to quickly find help in any subject. Once they are connected with a tutor, within a matter of seconds, TutorMe provides the student and the tutor with everything they need for a productive tutoring session, including a virtual whiteboard, text editor, audio and video chat, and screen-sharing.

The central principle at work within TutorMe is that students learn best when they have the individual attention of a tutor supporting their personal learning needs and academic success.

TutorMe is web-based and available on any internet-connected device.

TutorMe offers online support through their website.




Here’s what users are saying:

“I can tell that for my students, the screen eliminates the traditional fear of asking what they feel is a seemingly ‘dumb’ or novice question. When I was in school, my tutors were my peers, which was intimidating. In-person tutoring made me nervous, so I would have loved the option for an online platform.”

-- Sarah DeSantis, a university librarian and tutor with TutorMe

“Tutoring students has given me an enriched fulfillment, and I have learned along with many of my students by doing the research in order to help them understand more specific concepts behind computer programming languages such as Java, Python, C#, and C++. I view my role as being both tutor and student, and it’s given me a lot of personal satisfaction and purpose by keeping me busy from home, especially in this situation of COVID-19. For all these reasons I love TutorMe and recommend it to all my colleagues and dear students.”

-- Jose Romay, a retired university professor from Venezuela and tutor with TutorMe

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