TypingMaster Introduces Game-Based Typing Course for ISTE 2017

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Designed for early elementary schoolers, TypeTastic brings a playful approach to learning a skill that is essential for 21st-century students

TypingMaster Inc., a leading provider of engaging keyboarding courses, is excited to present their latest game-based course, TypeTastic, which is specially designed for elementary-school students. Created with teacher and classroom feedback, TypeTastic gets even the youngest students started typing by using just one finger to start. These pedagogical games are designed for both computers and touchscreen devices, providing easy access for everyone.

For K–3 students, typing with all 10 fingers at once can be challenging, especially when they haven’t even learned where all the letters are. In response to this challenge, TypingMaster developed the TypeTastic training course, which focuses first on teaching letter locations, hand-eye coordination, and typing with one finger. In just a few hours, the students can type short texts smoothly.

In TypeTastic, pedagogical games create and support the learning, rather than just serving as rewards for completing typing exercises. This game-based learning increases student motivation, speeds up results, and helps kids develop a positive attitude towards keyboarding. In TypeTastic, the learning and gameplay are completely inseparable. Every game has a pedagogical goal and together, the games form a solid, engaging, step-by-step learning path to developing typing skills.

The first chapter of TypeTastic was released in March 2017, and it recorded almost 100,000 users during the first month. This first set of games focuses on keyboard memorization using color codes and letter grouping. Upcoming chapters include games that emphasize hand-eye coordination, keyboarding skills, writing words, and building word fluency. By chapter 4, Keyboarding Kickstart, kids will learn how to engage all ten fingers on the keyboard. There are currently two versions of TypeTastic available: a free, public edition; and an ad-free version for the schools (which will be offered for free through the end of 2017).

“Typing skills are vital for 21st-century kids,” said Petteri Väliaho, CEO and co-founder of TypingMaster. “A lot of U.S. school tests require proficient typing, so it is an essential part of the learning curriculum. TypeTastic gets young kids started with typing in a fun and compelling way that keeps them interested and engaged. It takes the frustration out of typing lessons for both students and teachers, and helps kids as young as five learn to enjoy typing.”

Students can use the browser-based TypeTastic on PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, and tablets—without installation or plugins. Tablet users also have the option to connect through an external keyboard.

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